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Top 5 Best Office Massage Chairs

Best Office Massage Chair Buyers Guide 2022 Work-related stress is a serious problem in the U.S. In fact, in a report from the American Institute

Human Massage vs. Massage Chair

Both human-administered massage and today’s cutting-edge massage chairs deliver extraordinary benefits. There is a multitude of particular aspects of a massage chair that are quite

OMG That's Ugly

As someone who has been in the massage chair industry for over a decade, I have given thousands of demos on dozens of models. One

Mayo Clinic on Massage

Mayo on Massage? We’ve posted many articles chronicling the benefits of massage for a variety of syndromes, diseases, conditions and injuries. Often, we have cited

Massage Chairs Make You Feel Good

Massage: Is “Feels Good” Enough? For months, we’ve outlined ways in which massage and premium massage chairs are established heath aids for a broad range

Four Beneficial Massage Styles

At World’s Best Massage Chairs (WBMC), we want you to discover the amazing benefits of owning a luxury massage chair. You may need it for