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ABOUT: The World's Best Massage Chairs

At The World’s Best Massage Chairs®, we want to be 100% educated on massage chairs.  We believe in the relaxing and healing and preventative benefits of massage, and how massage chairs achieve this. We also believe it’s a confusing industry so are here to help.  There are few main categories we review massage chairs by:

Rest & Relaxation

Being able to get proper rest and relaxation is difficult for many, but it’s critical to the enjoyment of life. Every massage chair we have in our recommendations delivers deep and abiding relaxation. If a chair makes the cut for our website, you can bet that it will help you clear your mind and get the restorative rest you need.

Relief & Recovery

We know one of the main reasons people are researching massage chairs is pain relief and injury repair. The massage chair brands we have recommended, utilize the proven healing techniques of massage to provide you relief. 


Customization is key. A good massage chair seemingly anticipates what your mind and body need and expect. All of our recommended chairs conduct body scans, and a couple of the chairs use pressure sensors to adjust in real-time to accommodate problem areas. Engineering. Precision. Programming. Choreography. Our expert staff evaluates and considers all of these factors in the brands and products we label as the World’s best. 

Reliability & Reputation

We believe in providing education about quality massage chairs that are reliable and that have a reputation for outstanding performance in any setting. The warranties offered with the massage chairs are also a deciding factor as the chairs we recommend will last. 

We always strive to:

  • Offer the best in quality of craftsmanship, reliability, and customer service
  • Take pride in providing level-headed, expert advice
  • Feature only the best products



We are here to help make the massage chair research and purchase process a comfortable one. Our goal is to share our expertise to help educate and clarify any and all pieces of the world of massage chairs.  All of the massage chairs we compare and recommend have been vetted for quality 

Curated brands

The brands on WBMC offer a true luxury massage experience and unsurpassed craftsmanship


Our site is a credible source to anyone considering ownership of a quality massage chair. We believe that the information and education we provide will help consumers become happier massage chair owners. 

World-Class Service

We strive to be ahead of the curve on all technologies, products and advancements in the world of massage. We are consistently re-evaluating the needs and new offerings in the massage space. 

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