What is L-track, Or S-track? Which is Best?

Set yourself free from the struggle of booking appointments at the massage therapist by getting a massage chair for your home. Get a good quality massage chair that fits your budget and provides you the muscle relief you desire. With numerous features and specifications available, buying a massage chair can be a tedious task. 

When buying massage chairs, the manufacturing and inside parts are significant to determine the purchase decision. You can see massage chairs with S-track and L-track designs along with 2d, 3d or 4d technology. The perfect massage chair depends on the pain relief treatment you seek and other factors affecting your comfort. Before finalizing your decision, you need to be abreast of all the available features. 

Massage Chair Roller Tracks

Every massage chair has rollers on the back that move in tracks to give the preferred pain relief and relaxation. Some of the general massage techniques offered by these chairs include shiatsu, kneading, tapping and knocking. The rollers move in different directions to facilitate these functions. The track types determine the total length navigated by the rollers to move up and down your back, while the technology used by the chairs governs its movement and intensity. 

What is the S-track?

The S in S-tracks means sinusoidal, which means wave. It signifies the shape of the human spine and the track that the rollers move in to massage your body. The S-track consists of a slight curve that mimics the human spine. The rollers in the S-track can adapt more accurately to your body contour and give you enhanced comfort. The roller begins at the neck top in a forward position and continues till the mid-back. From here, it retracts a little and continues moving forward again. This movement allows a natural massage sensation for the user while following the curvature of the spine.

Most S-track massage chairs have a roller track length of 27 to 33 inches cutting off at the tailbone. With S-track chairs, you can lay out flatter for finer stretching moves. The S-track massage chairs are more precise with the roller motion especially, in combination with the 3D or 4D massage technology. You can feel more relaxed as the S-track rollers massage up and down your spine curvature, targeting all pressure points on your back.

What is the L-track?

L-track massage chairs work almost similarly to S-track chairs but have an extended track covering the lower body parts. While an S-track would only go till your tail bone, L-track chairs can massage as down as your hamstrings or buttocks. The L-track rollers extend into the seat of the chair, roughly creating an L shape. More manufacturers are introducing L-track chairs because of their extended reach.

L-track massage chairs are beneficial for those suffering from gluteal pain or sciatica, as it uses mechanical rollers to relieve pain from these problem areas. L-track chairs have a roller track length of 40 to 53 inches. The extended roller track continuously moves from the top of the head downwards to the hamstrings, creating a full-body massage sensation for the user. Those suffering from piriformis syndrome or sciatica near the pelvic muscles can benefit from L-track massage chairs. The L-track chairs can also be suitable to relax sore buttocks and hamstring muscles. Chairs with L-track rollers can stretch the muscles, which connect the spine to the lower body or hips.

What is the S/L track?

The S/L track is one of the newest features introduced in massage chairs. This type of track is a combination of the existing S-track and L-track rollers. The S/L track massage chairs offer a superior quality massage experience for the user, as S/L track rollers contour the spine along its curvature like an S-track and extend to the chair seat to massage the hamstrings and buttocks. 

S-track vs. L-track

There is not much difference between S-track and L-track massage chairs. L-track chairs can be considered as an extension of S-track chairs.

Pros of S-track:

  • Focuses primarily on the back muscles
  • More affordable
  • It offers a reclining feature to distribute the bodyweight evenly.

Cons of S-track:

  • Only provides air compression massage for the lower body
  • Has a lesser track length
  • The track cuts off at the tailbone

Pros of L-track:

  • Provides full body massage sensation
  • Uses mechanical rollers for buttocks and hamstrings also
  • Has extended roller track reaching the lower body

Cons of L-track:

  • A bit on the expensive side
  • It does not focus primarily on the back muscles

The choice between S-track and L-track varies according to the requirements and body types of the users. While those who want to focus on back muscles may go for S-track chairs, others who wish to experience full-body massage can opt for L-track massage chairs for extended support.  


Maxtrack uses a variation in the usual S-track or L-track rollers. Due to the excessive freedom mechanism in the movement of the rollers, Maxtrack is shaped like a C or a J. The rollers stay in contact with the body throughout their track, which provides a superior massage experience. With Maxtrack, you can be in a lay-flat position or classic zero gravity position for better stretches and comfort.  

Roller technology

Another crucial factor to consider before getting a massage chair is the types of rollers embedded in the massage chair. Some chairs have rollers that move in both lateral and vertical directions, while others allow rollers to move backward and forward for a full body massage.


Most chairs use 2D rollers to adjust the speed and airbag strength, whereas the roller strength or intensity remains the same. 2D rollers make the massage chairs an affordable option for those on a budget.


3D massage chairs have rollers that can move left, right, up, down and also in and out. These rollers provide a better massage experience to the user and reciprocate the massage given by a human. 3D rollers also allow the user to adjust the intensity to make the massage as gentle or as vigorous you like.


4D massage chairs also have rollers that move left, right, up, down and in and out. 4D rollers incorporate various massage speeds and styles to suit the needs of the user. The cutting-edge technology focuses on imitating the massage received by an actual therapist.

Massage chair programs

Most massage chairs come with pre-programmed options for your convenience. Pre-programmed massages are customized to treat specific body parts, and you can choose the option best suited to your requirements. Some massage chairs also offer a body-mapping feature that customizes a massage after testing the reaction of different body parts. A computer body scan feature is also available in some chairs that provide a more tailored massage experience.  

Zero gravity

Zero gravity massage chair uses a reclining position to position the body in a neutral manner that evenly distributes your body weight. The 180-degree position counteracts gravity by easing the body in a virtually weightless posture by raising the legs above the heart level. The sitting position relieves the stress and weight from the spine and allows tired muscles to relax and stretch. This new concept mimics weightlessness for a superior massage experience.  

Here’s a list of some of the massage chairs that use the latest technology:

MA73 massage chair by Panasonic

MA73 massage chair has in-built automatic sessions with heated rolls, full-body air-cell coverage and ultra massage. This chair comes with an updated Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine and twice the automated massage and stretching programs, ceramic foot heaters and dual-zone arm kneading for improved reflexology treatment.

MAJ7 massage chair by Panasonic

MAJ7 massage chair, designed by the Japanese technique, has approximately 108 acupressure points and a 3D massage system to knead stiff muscles. Infrared heated massage rollers, body scan technology, real-time 6-position and force microprocessor, advanced lower core massage therapy, professional sole massage system add to the features of this product.

OHCO M.8LE massage chair

M.8LE is manufactured using Japanese technology. You may like this product because of the distinctive features such as the Sens8 engine to manage the levels of the speed, uniquely shaped Maxtrack. Other prominent features include multi-language remote control, Bluetooth audio immersion, foot rollers, total body heat, rear swing doors, knead and stretch headset, air ionizer and white noise generator.

OHCO M.8 massage chair

M.8 massage chair may fascinate you due to a comfortable design based on Japanese engineering. This chair has unique features like roller heat on the SENS8 massaging rollers, total body heat to stimulate circulation, theraelliptical calf kneading (TEK) movements, Maxtrack and zero gravity recline for a comfortable position. It also features M-sense light pool to acknowledge your arrival, rear swing doors and SENS8 engine.

D.CORE CIRRUS massage chair

CIRRUS massage chair features patented True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays which goes beyond 3D and makes it the first massage chair with mechanical units for arms and calves. Heated back massage with L track allows the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to provide a deeper therapeutic massage. Zero gravity, full-body air massage and foot rollers soothe muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

D.CORE STRATUS massage chair

This chair has a patented forearm Wave Arrays, 3D+ True Shiatsu Action engine with heat therapy, L track, zero-gravity recline, and air compression. Real black walnut trim and Japanese design make it the most elegant product in the market.

D.CORE CLOUD massage chair

It is an economical product embedded with a 3D massage mechanism, L-track massage, full-body air massage, foot rollers and zero gravity. Apart from providing soothing and deep massage, real black walnut trim elicits a traditional Japanese design.

Positive Posture Brio Sport massage chair

Brio Sport comes with distinctive features like SPORT 4D adjustable deep tissue massage mechanism, compression therapy to help with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and intramuscular swelling. L-track design, recovery session, heated rollers, specialized pre, and post-work-out sessions, focused sessions and easy cleanup are the additional features.
Positive Posture Brio+ massage chair and Sol Massage chair are also trending designs with attractive features in the market.

Study all the factors carefully before buying a massage chair to select the most suitable one for your body and muscles. Consider other factors such as massage chair strength, upholstery, and warranty to make your selection.