Massage Chairs Made-In vs Manufactured-In vs Designed-In

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When choosing a chair, you may be confused by which chair is best based on where the chair is from. Some chairs may be designed in one country but manufactured in another country.

Keep reading to learn which massage chairs made-in different countries are the best based on which country designs and manufactures them.

Designed-in vs. Made-in vs. Manufactured-in

You may prefer a particular massage chair based on where it’s made. However, even if a chair’s design comes from one country, its parts may be made and assembled in a different country. So how do you chose?

According to Chair Institute, most massage chair companies design and make their products in China, making the product cheaper but also lower quality.

Some companies will instead use a hybrid approach in which they design in one country (mainly Japan or the US), manufacture the critical components in another country (Japan, Taiwan, the US), and have it assembled in China. By doing this, the design and main components will be better, but there may not be good quality control over its assembly.

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Massage Chairs Made-in Japan

Most of the best massage chairs are designed and made in Japan, where massage chairs originate from. Japanese massage chairs feature a beautiful and high-quality design. They are also known for being long-lasting.

Massage chairs from companies such as D.Core, OHCO, and Panasonic receive the best reviews because of the Japanese design and engineering it uses. These chairs feature designs perfected by Japanese designers and engineers who strive for excellence.

Japan however is not the only high-quality maker of massage chairs. There are well-known and trusted brands that design and make their chairs in China and the US.

Massage Chairs Made-in China

Brands such as Positive Posture, Osaki, and Titan are Chinese brands that have their headquarters in the US but their factories in China. These chairs feature traditional Chinese massage designs and are high-quality.

If you buy a massage chair made in China, make sure that it is a trusted brand with a good reputation.

Chairs such as the Panasonic & OHCO Massage Chair feature a Japanese design and assembly, but feature parts made in both Japan and China. Even if a chair has parts made in China, it matters more who made and assembled the major parts. In this case, the major components of this chair are Japanese-made and assembled.

Massage Chairs Made-in the US

Although many massage chair companies have headquarters in the US, the only brand the holds the title of being “Made in the US” is Luraco. Luraco makes medical massage chairs that are highly rated for their engineering and design.

These chairs feature U.S. design and assembly, using both domestic and foreign parts. Luraco Massage Chairs are the only medical massage chairs to comply with the FTC Made In U.S.A. Standard

Sit Down and Relax

While there are many options to choose from, massage chairs made-in Japan are highly recommended based on their high-quality engineering and design.

If you choose to buy a massage chair designed in and/or manufactured in China, make sure you look for reputable brands that ensure high-quality parts. And if you’re looking for a chair with well-known therapeutic quality, US-made brand Luraco is a good place to look.

We hope this guide helped you understand the importance of where a chair is designed-in, made-in, and manufactured-in. Visit our website for more helpful guides on massage chairs!