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Best Office Massage Chairs 2021

Best Office Massage Chair Buyers Guide 2022

Work-related stress is a serious problem in the U.S. In fact, in a report from the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers report suffering from work-related stress. Perhaps more alarming is that nearly half of workers report that they and their coworkers need help managing stress. Whether it’s never-ending emails and meetings, tight deadlines, or job insecurity, our jobs can take a substantial toll on our physical and emotional well-being. And unfortunately, many of us are left to our own devices to manage that toll. 

A Solution to Work-Related Stress

The good news is there are solutions, and some of these solutions can be applied before you ever leave the office. One resource for managing stress as well as improving your overall health is an office massage chair. The best office massage chairs have made massive strides in performance as technology has improved and companies have a greater understanding of how these chairs can improve the lives of their users. If you’re looking for an office massage chair to help you manage the day-to-day stress of work, here are five massage chairs that offer real help at the office. 

Best Office Massage Chair – Luxury

The M.8 model from OHCO is one of the most versatile office massage chairs in the industry with a list of features that showcases its commitment to a complete massage experience.

  • Full Body Air Massage: The strategically placed air cells of the M.8 are designed to relax and prepare the body for massage therapy. This low-intensity feature is a favorite of office employees in need of a mid-day program that rejuvenates and energizes.
  • Bluetooth Audio Immersion: Transport yourself to a different time and place with the M.8’s BlueTooth audio capabilities. This feature allows you to enhance your massage with the soothing sounds of meditation or your favorite music artist.
  • Wall Hugging: This feature is a must for all office massage chairs. While the sleek design of the OHCO M.8 is a considerable improvement over the bulky massage chairs of the past. It still can appear out of place in a small office. However, the upright position of the M.8, puts only 6.25 inches between the far end of the chair and a wall.

Panasonic MAJ7
Premium Office Massage Chair –

Panasonic delivers a stress-melting massage experience from head to toe with the MAJ7 — the premium office massage chair offered by one of the most trusted brands in the world.

  • Luxury Design: The MAJ7 doesn’t look out of place in an executive suite with its quality engineering and aesthetic beauty. This is a true premium massage chair that matches form and function.  
  • Shiatsu Massage: The Panasonic MAJ7 is one of the best Shiatsu massage chairs in the industry. Shiatsu is a form of massage therapy that uses finger pressure to treat a variety of physical and emotional ailments, including stress relief. 
  • Infrared Heat: The MAJ7 employs heated rollers to relax tense muscles, allowing you to literally take the load off when needed. 

D.Core Cirrus
Best Shiatsu Office Massage Chair –

D.Core makes the list with its Cirrus massage chair, a combination of ancient Japanese design and modern technology that makes for an attractive addition to any office setting.

  • Heated Back Massage: Thermotherapy is one of the most reliable strategies for reducing stress, and the Cirrus’ heated back massage allows its 3D+ massage mechanism to maximize its therapeutic effects. 
  • Full Body Air Massage: The Cirrus uses air cells from your shoulders to your feet to relax tense muscles and apply a light massage program designed to soothe.
  • Japanese Aesthetic: D.Core takes the design of its chairs seriously with a focus on the ancient ideal of Wabi-sabi. The Cirrus is a testament to that focus with its simple lines and refined craftsmanship, making it a tasteful addition to the office.

Positive Posture Brio Sport
Best Sports Recovery Office Massage Chair –

We love Positive Posture’s Brio Sport for its focus on workout recovery, but it’s also a worthy option as an office massage chair with its advanced technology and wall hugging capabilities.

  • Heated Rollers: The Brio Sport’s massage heads apply heat in order to loosen muscles, offering relaxation while maximizing the effects of a wide variety of massage techniques.
  • 4D Massage Mechanism: The heated rollers are guided by Positive Posture’s intelligent massage mechanism, which promises to relax your mind while also taking care of your body.
  • Wall Hugging: You won’t have to worry about this chair looking out of place in your office. The Brio Sport can cleanly fit where most chairs can’t, only requiring 4 inches between a wall and its backrest.

Best Executive Design Office Massage Chair –

OHCO makes our list for a second time with the R.6, a massage chair equally fit for an executive office or private home.

  • Modern Design: One of the first things you notice about the OHCO R.6 is its stunning design. OHCO refers to it as Mid-Century Modern, and it’s highlighted by premium wood grain trim that enhances any environment it’s placed in. 
  • Wall Hugging: Too many massage chairs overpower their space, leaving little room for workspace or movement. The R.6 only takes up 6.25 inches when in the upright backrest position, making it a convenient addition to any office.
  • Total Body Heat: Nothing relaxes and soothes like thermotherapy. Apply heat to common problem areas, including your back, seat, and feet for a total massage experience.

The office doesn’t have to be a place that you avoid. An office massage chair gives you a real solution to work-related stress while rejuvenating your body and mind. Any of these five massage chairs can be the start of your journey to a healthier lifestyle in and out of the office.