Massage Chairs For Athletes

massage chairs for athletes

Massage for Athletes

Being an athlete might presuppose that you take good care of yourself and that your conditioned muscles are accustomed to frequent exercise. You don’t get sore. You don’t need a massage chair. Right?
Wrong! First, no two workouts, games, rides, are exactly the same. In some instances, terrain or weather may make a difference. In others, the level of competition or the degree of effort you put into your solo work may affect your body. Of course, an unexpected minor injury is always a possibility. And experts say mild soreness is a natural outcome of any kind of physical activity. “Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a common result of physical activity that stresses the muscle tissue beyond what it is accustomed to,” says David O. Draper, professor, and director of the graduate program in sports medicine/athletic training at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Regardless of your symptoms, a premium massage chair can be an ally in your healthy exercise regimen.

What Kinds of Massage

So, what is the right massage therapy and, the right massage chair for athletes?

Most agree that Deep Tissue Massage delivers the most benefit for an athlete. DTM refers to any massage which applies deep sustained strokes to problem areas in your back and neck deeply penetrates layers of muscle and connective tissue, mobilizing deep connective tissues called fascia.

DTM also affects blood vessels and nerves. DTM can be used not only for recovery but even during competition/exercise programs.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, DTM helps pro athletes (or you):

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Monitor muscle tone
  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Help prevent injuries when received regularly

What Massage Chair for DTM?

Some chairs at The World’s Best Massage Chairs utilize their 3D RealPro™ roller mechanisms to offer deep, penetrating pressure that’s best for athletes. The Panasonic MA-J7 and MA73, for instance, provide ideal massage chair treatment to help any athlete in the ways listed above.

Not every athlete has the same taste in massage, and not every treatment needs to be of the same intensity. Many prefer a lighter touch and a more relaxing overall massage chair experience. For those folks, Swedish or light touch massage techniques are popular. Some massage chairs like the Brio+ and the M.8 have built their reputations on softer and lighter type massage. The best massage chair for an athlete is the one that fits to the specific athletes choices.

What’s Best for You?

If you identify as an athlete, chances are you are in good shape. Then again, many of us work out. Not all of us are athletes. And not every athlete wants the same massage chair experience. The best plan is to ask questions and explore the options open to you.

Rest assured, however, that massage chair therapy will assist your “game,” whatever that may be.

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