The brand new OHCO M.8LE is a limited edition, genuine leather massage chair that is the latest iteration from legendary Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama and Shiatsu Master Okabayashi Sensei.

While the angled elegance of the OHCO evokes movement, what Ken has created is tranquility in the midst of exquisite engineering as he did with his striking interiors of the shinkansen bullet trains. For Ken, design must be holistic. Genuine leather exterior and Alcantara fabric found only in ultra high end luxury and sports cars on the inside. Very few of these will be produced and signed by Ken himself.

The Ethos of Japanese Engineering, created in a place where the utmost standard of excellence is just the starting point.

For the first time in massage chair history, the arms of the M series open to provide easy entry and exit.

Perfectly choreographed motion from your head to your gluts, full body heat, foot rollers, 6 independent compression cells for the arms, wrists and hands provide 100s of combinations.

Retail Price: $16,000.00

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5' - 6'5''
Intensity Did you know intensity scales can be deceiving? World's Best adds these scales because consumers search this way, but really, the best chairs have the ability to adjust their intensity level across a wider range. If you are looking for a specific intensity, reach out to our massage chair experts and they can walk you through the process of identifying the best chairs for your intended outcome.
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