Panasonic MA73

The Panasonic MA73 is arguably the best looking massage chair ever made. With its reversible ottoman and fold down armrests it appears like a normal recliner. Let’s face it, massage chairs are not the most attractive things but the Panasonic MA73 is a work of art.

But don’t let its pretty nature fool you, this is one of the most aggressive deep tissue massage chairs ever made and can dig in to your back like nothing else.

Don’t like deep tissue massage? That’s OK because the MA73 is full 4D and can be adjusted for soft and gentle. Ultra-precision body scanning, heated back rollers, ceramic foot heating, dual zone arm kneading and multiple stretching programs definitely put this firmly in the Worlds Best category.

Panasonic massage chair owners know quality and more importantly – longevity. It’s not uncommon for a Panasonic massage chair to last more than 20 years with little or no problems.

Retail Price: $9,000

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5' - 6'5''
Intensity Did you know intensity scales can be deceiving? World's Best adds these scales because consumers search this way, but really, the best chairs have the ability to adjust their intensity level across a wider range. If you are looking for a specific intensity, reach out to our massage chair experts and they can walk you through the process of identifying the best chairs for your intended outcome.
Light, Medium, Firm & Strong

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