The 4 Best Massage Chair Brands of 2022

The massage chair industry has grown as technology has improved and the health benefits of the chairs have become more pronounced. As the industry grows, however, consumers are tasked with sorting through the long list of brands, models, and features. The process can be tiring and even turn consumers away from ever making a purchase. 

To help you cut through the noise, we’ve researched the top massage brands in the industry and compiled a shortlist of the very best. These brands were selected for a variety of reasons, but a few factors stood out in each:

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Specialization
  • Design

If you’re in the market for a new massage chair, and you won’t settle for anything less than an elite brand, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Here are the 4 Best Massage Chair Brands of 2022.

  1. OHCO Brand Massage Chairs

OHCO is a premium massage chair brand that offers four models: R.6, M.DX, M.8, and M.8LE. OHCO has established itself as one of the elite brands in the industry with Japanese engineering and a dedication to an authentic massage experience.

  • Technology: The high quality of OHCO massage chairs comes from its mature technology — the Sens8 engine incorporates advanced algorithms to create the most lifelike massage in the industry. You’ll experience rudimentary movements like tapping, kneading, and rolling, but the Sens8 technology also informs a variety of speeds and patterns that can only be found in one of the best 4D massage chair brands. 
  • Experience: The Sens8 technology mimics the hands of a live massage therapist, but the OHCO experience doesn’t stop there. From heating at every level of the body to the chair’s light pool and aromatherapy, OHCO massage chairs indulge all of the user’s senses. 
  • Specialization: OHCO prides itself on its Japanese engineering, and specifically, the choreography developed by Shiatsu master, sensei Okabayashi. OHCO has incorporated his experience and intuition into the capabilities of their chairs, creating a Shiatsu experience that is designed to address your individual needs. 
  • Design: Where some massage chairs can appear out of place, OHCO’s line of massage chairs is an aesthetic asset to any environment they inhabit. Designed by renowned Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama, the OHCO models combine performance and elegance to elevate the chair’s value as more than just a benefit to your health. It can also benefit your home decor.
  • Final Analysis: OHCO’s extensive list of features is what separates this brand from any brand in the industry. Each chair is dedicated to a massage experience that transcends any competitors’. From advanced massage technology to sense-based features like aromatherapy, OHCO takes everything to the next level.   

Price: $8,999-$15,000 

  1. Panasonic Brand Massage Chairs

Panasonic, the well-known Japanese brand, has been at the forefront of innovation since it was founded in 1918. From light bulbs to in-flight electronic systems, you’ve likely used Panasonic products your entire life. Panasonic also offers two massage chair models that carry on the company’s legacy of quality, the MA73, and MAJ7

  • Technology: Both models of Panasonic massage chairs are powered by its patented Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine, which offers several massage programs and choreography. Both models also include body scan technology that assesses your specific back structure and provides a massage that fits the curve of your spine.
  • Experience: Panasonic touts its “all-encompassing” massage experience, and given its extended list of features, it’s an accurate description. Whether you’re in need of a Shiatsu massage or deep tissue recovery, the Panasonic massager chairs have you covered from head to toe. Heated rollers and a full-body air massage complete the luxury experience.  
  • Specialization: The Panasonic massage chairs thrive on versatility. They’re designed to excel in a variety of styles and come with six pre-set programs and six manual programs. Each program reflects a style such as Swedish or Shiatsu or addresses a problem area, including hip, neck/shoulder, or lower back. 
  • Design: Panasonic designed the MA73 and MAJ7 massage chairs with hideaway arm and leg units in order to convert the massage chair into a tasteful recliner when not in use. This gives chair owners a few more options when it comes to home decor or interior office design.
  • Final Analysis: Yes, Panasonic’s massage chairs are renowned for their reliability, but don’t underestimate the luxury features of these impressive chairs. These aren’t recliners that happen to have a couple of massage capabilities. These are highly performing chairs that offer a massage experience that have the potential to transform your physical and mental health.

Price: $7,999-$9,999

  1. D.Core Brand Massage Chairs

D.Core, short for Deep Core, seeks to find the ideal massage chair, a lofty goal that it gets close to achieving with its three massage chair models: Cirrus, Stratus, and Cloud. D.Core takes its loyalty to Japanese philosophy and design seriously, and the result is a line of massage chairs that deliver a singular massage experience.

  • Technology: This top massage chair brand developed its Deep Core intelligence programs to provide users with 15 different massage programs. D.Core’s reputation for top technology is bolstered by its patented Wave Arrays, which is the only massage feature in the industry with mechanical rollers for your arms and legs. 
  • Experience: D.Core massage chairs are renowned for their authentic luxury design, but D.Core is equally committed to providing a massage experience that rejuvenates body and mind. The full-body air massage relaxes users, while the L-Track and zero-gravity position combine to align your body for an optimal massage pattern. 
  • Specialization: D.Core gets major bonus points as a top massage chair brand for its focus on delivering an authentic Shiatsu massage. D.Core’s massage chairs take directions from the insights of renowned Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa. Its patented True Shiatsu Action mechanism mimics the movements of a real massage therapist down to the finger and joints, making it one of the most realistic massages on the market. 
  • Design: D.Core’s design stays loyal to its Japanese roots, adhering to the culture’s Wabi-sabi philosophy — finding beauty in the simple. The black walnut trim is an ode to the ancient ideal with its natural and subtle beauty leading the way. And the clean lines of the D.Core’s massage chairs project the comfort and balance that many users desire.
  • Final Analysis: We love D.Core for its balanced approach to its chairs. From its patented processing programs to simple but elegant designs, D.Core finds the sweet spot between futuristic and ancient. And the D.Core collection has chairs at a couple of different price points, so people of all budgets can take advantage of these luxury massage chairs. 

Price: $4,999-$8,499

  1. Positive Posture Brand Massage Chairs

Our fourth and final best massage chair brand of 2022 is Positive Posture, an American massage chair brand out of Boulder, Colorado. Positive Posture offers a variety of furniture products, including three massage chair models: Brio Sport, Brio+, and Sol.

  • Technology: Positive Posture employs its 4D intelligent massage mechanism to deliver a wide range of choreographed movements and techniques, including deep tissue work. Body scanning technology allows Positive Posture chairs to identify your body type and apply the appropriate massage program, including heating heads at the point of treatment.
  • Experience: Positive Posture offers a diverse set of features, which means its experience can vary widely from one user to the next. For some, a full-body air massage at the zero-gravity position might do the trick. For others, it could be the infrared heat rollers that put their chairs over the top.
  • Specialization: Where Positive Posture truly earns its reputation as one of the best massage chair brands in the industry is its specialization in training recovery. The Brio Sport model, specifically, is unmatched when it comes to massage programs designed to keep users operating at their highest levels, including compression therapy and pre- and post-workout sessions.
  • Design: Positive Posture worked closely with Paul Zaidman, a furniture expert of 45 years, to design its line of massage chairs. Zaidman uses the modernist style to produce a simple, clean chair design that catches the eye without looking gimmicky or overbearing.
  • Final Analysis: Positive Posture stands out for its focus on training recovery. If you are consistently participating in weight or cardio training, you could benefit from the high-performance features included in Positive Posture’s trio of massage chairs. Similar to D.Core, Positive Posture gets bonus points for including chairs at multiple price points. 

Price: $1,999-$7,999

We know you’ve been reading a seemingly never-ending stream of massage chair reviews, hoping to find the perfect chair for your home or office. We wanted to help, so we narrowed it down to our top five best massage chair brands. These four brands have shown consistent excellence through their engineering, innovation, and performance. We’re confident you’ll find a model from one of these five brands that are capable of making long-term improvements to your health — from head to toe.