Full-Body Massage Chairs

Full-body massage chair

A full-body massage is a relaxing and enjoyable experience with many health benefits. Due to the evolution of technology, you can now enjoy the benefits of a massage every day in the comfort of your home. We have curated an exceptional line of full-body massage chairs designed to deliver a lifelike massage with innovative features to fit your distinct needs. 

The Origins of Massage Therapy

The origins of full-body massage therapy have their roots in ancient civilizations worldwide. The first evidence of massage therapy was found in China over 5000 years ago, later in India, Egypt, and eventually the West. Therapies were once administered by individuals who were the equivalent of our modern-day doctors, and the health benefits have been well documented over the millennia. For many years, massage treatments were only available to royalty or the very wealthy.

Today, massage therapy is one of the most commonly practiced forms of holistic medicine and is widely available to everyone. Treatment is administered by manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues of the body to relieve stress, mitigate pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, increase relaxation, and aid with general health and wellness. 

Over the years, whole-body massage therapy has evolved to include highly advanced full-body massage chairs. For example, the luxurious OHCO M.8 luxury massage chair offered by Furniture For Life brings the benefits of the ancient art of massage into the comfort of your home. The precise movements of this state-of-the-art model mirror the hands of a shiatsu master—melting tension and awakening your senses.

The Benefits of Using a Full-body Massage Chair 

A full body massage regimen is both a pleasurable experience and also scientifically proven to provide relief from illness, injury, and other stress-related health concerns.

Here’s why:

  • Stress Reduction – Stress is prevalent in today’s fast-paced world. Stress can negatively affect people’s health and well-being, especially with the growing work-related stress amid the challenges of the recent pandemic. Full body massage chair therapy has been shown to reduce stress on both physical and psychological levels. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, “A growing body of research supports the positive impact of massage therapy for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.” The study found that measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol levels (a biological indicator of stress) were all lower after a 10-to-15-minute chair massage in controlled studies.
  • Elimination of Pain – Regular use of a massage chair can help decrease discomfort in many areas of the body and is especially effective in treating lower back pain. Further, consistent use of massage therapy for the entire body may reduce the need for medication or other more invasive treatments. For example, the Panasonic MAJ7 full body massage chair boasts thirty-seven soothing air cells that apply compression massage to the shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, feet, forearms, and hands. This high-intensity model offers a deep tissue massage, targeting overworked muscles and connective tissue to alleviate immediate and chronic joint and muscle pain. Deep tissue massage also promotes faster healing by improving circulation and reducing inflammation of affected areas.
  • Natural Sleep Aid – Sleep difficulties are often caused by anxiety and high-stress levels. The therapeutic manipulations of a complete body massage are known to promote relaxation. When the body is relaxed, the brain emits the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which are naturally occurring chemicals in the body that play an essential role in regulating mood, sleep, and appetite. 
  • Injury Recovery – Many fitness experts and physical therapists agree that massage therapy is an important element of any complete health and stress management routine for professional and amateur athletes. Positive Posture’s Brio Sport is the first massage chair designed specifically for injury recovery. The Brio Sport’s 4D kneads, taps, rolls, presses, and is expertly choreographed to help improve blood flow, work tired muscles, and promote lymphatic flow. This innovative full-body massage chair is like having a sports physical therapy clinic in your own home 24/7.
  • Contributes to Overall Wellness – The physiology of the human body is a delicate balance of 11 central systems in the body. The benefits of a full-body massage can positively affect them all. A full-body massage chair regimen can provide a wellness experience that will help to keep your entire body relaxed, pain-free, and functioning at its utmost capability.

*Always check with your doctor before determining whether a massage chair regimen may benefit your specific treatment plan.

Full-Body Massage Chair Therapy

Selecting the perfect full-body massage chair to suit your needs is beneficial to understand what lies beneath the upholstery. You will be pleased to discover that the mechanics and technology of our massage chairs are equally as impressive as their luxurious exteriors. 

Our whole-body massage chairs utilize a combination of air compression systems, mechanical rollers, and choreographed vibrating mechanisms that all work in unison to deliver a series of pre-programmed massage sessions and custom therapies that offer hundreds of manual massage combinations. Some models also provide zero gravity and reclining functions to enhance the massage therapy experience.

Air massage therapies relieve your calves, thighs, arms, hands, and shoulders, and foot rollers rub, roll, and squeeze your feet to encourage blood flow and work muscles in your lower extremities. Our machines perform a complex combination of massage movements to deliver maximum benefit, including a pre-massage body scan in select models that automatically customize each massage for users of different heights. Rolling, tapping, kneading, and other massage techniques are combined in programmed sessions that simulate the touch of human hands. Additional features such as heated massage, aromatherapy capabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity add to the massage experience.

Invest in a Lifetime of Wellness

One of the most natural human instincts is to touch. Massage therapy is merely an extension of this natural response. Experience the therapeutic power of a full-body massage chair from Furniture For Life, and you will be investing in your future health and wellness.