Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

man and woman exercising on yoga mat

It may seem strange, but it is possible to lose weight in a massage chair. At first, it’s hard to believe because staying sedentary is often linked to weight gain. True Story: Massage chairs can actually help you lose weight. 

Let it be clearly stated that a weight loss massage chair is not a substitute for healthy choices. By itself, a massage chair cannot replicate the effects of a lifestyle conducive to your maintained well-being. However, a massage chair can be a fantastic tool as you progress towards higher health. 

Used correctly and in tandem with other practices, your massage chair can help you lose weight. Let’s talk about how. 

How Does a Massage Therapy for Weight Loss Actually Work?

Massage for weight loss is a complicated dispute. Currently, a little more than 40% of U.S. residents are overweight. When struggling with obesity, it’s common to experience lower energy levels that make exercise and moving difficult. This sluggishness creates a familiar cycle for many people, where they aren’t able to lose weight because they have low energy, and these types of people often won’t feel more energized until they lose weight.

Stress also contributes to obesity in a multitude of ways. That’s why massage chairs are often beneficial. 

Stress might cause us to binge eat, or we often grab the quickest, easiest thing to eat if we have a busy schedule. Also, stress is often linked to depression, leaving you feeling unmotivated and with low energy. 

Does a massage chair burn calories? In short, no, not on its own. But massage can be a tremendous overall step to improving your health, with benefits like reducing stress, promoting muscle recovery, providing pain relief, and more. These beneficial exercises will eventually take some of the strain off your body as you get active. 

The Science Behind How Massage Chairs Could Help Burn Calories and Lose Weight

Some massage chairs can also aid weight loss through heat therapy. Deep heat therapy has been shown to loosen fat cells and enhance metabolism. Many believe that vibrating massage chairs help in similar ways. The vibration can help your body metabolize food faster, allowing toxins to flush out your system. Fewer toxins in your system allow your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Plus, zero gravity positioning might even stimulate areas of your intestines, which can also help your digestive tract. 

Exercise and Massage Chairs

Any therapeutic massage session should relieve pain and discomfort in your muscles and joints. A massage’s relief gives you more energy and comfort when performing physical activities and reduces the risk of future injuries. Additionally, supplementing regular massage with heat therapy causes dilation of the blood vessels, promoting blood flow. This increased blood flow contributes to the power of massage for weight loss. 

As we know, the motions of the rollers and the special techniques that many massage chairs utilize are also huge proponents for healthy blood flow. These two factors alone, when used together, are vital for athletes as they prepare their bodies for recovery, and further stress, while possibly reducing the risk of future injuries. 

There are a number of other features that can also promote overall body healing. There are chairs with inflating air pockets that squeeze your muscles in timed intervals. These can help to get the blood flowing in specific areas where healing is needed, whether it’s to reduce strain or promote muscle recovery. This way, an injury or soreness won’t throw off your exercise routine.

Not only that, but you know that the time you spend exercising will be well worth it. The increased blood flow and deep relaxation you achieve afterward help your heart, muscles, and brain. That means your work pays off that much more thanks to weight loss massage, which costs you a little less pain. If you decide it’s time to test one out, but you don’t know which one would be right for you, you’re not alone.

So can a massage chair help you lose weight? No, but they can play a significant, supportive role in your weight loss journey. 

Can I Test a Massage Chair In Person?

We hope you can test a massage chair in person! We have a few suggestions for anyone who wants to experience it first-hand before committing to the purchase.

A 90-day in-home trial that allows you to feel the full effects after more than a month of daily use. We won’t ask you for a commitment until then. If you are in the market for a massage for weight loss assistance, we’re here to help.

If the trial is simply not your style, you may be able to visit us in person at one of our physical locations. Use this store locator to see if you can make the drive. We’re available anytime to speak with you. There are real people behind the chat boxes! On our website, you’ll be offered the chance to get a little help with your exploration in real time. Contact us if you need any help.