Safely Massaging Your Back

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When you schedule a session with a massage therapist, you expect he or she to have the “magic touch” that’s going to relieve the soreness in your muscles. You may request that he or she focus on your back, since that’s where you carry your stress or where you experience the most strain. When the massage is done, you might experience a little tenderness for a few days, but overall, you feel much better and can move more freely. At World’s Best Massage Chairs (WBMC), we want you to be able to experience that feeling every day, and with a luxury massage chair from our online store, you can!

Hazardous Massage Methods

safely massaging your backIt may not be possible, or financially feasible, to schedule a massage with a professional therapist every week, so you may resort to some home remedies. You might ask your spouse or partner to massage your back, but he or she may not know how much pressure to apply, or he or she may apply too much pressure, which can lead to more pain rather than relief.

Your new massage chair can apply the perfect amount of pressure on your back, helping relieve pain and soreness in the muscles around your spine. If you have a medical condition that has affected your spine, make sure to speak with your doctor before you undergo any massage, in a chair or otherwise. You don’t want to exacerbate a problem by pushing on the wrong spot or applying too much pressure in a certain area. By programming your chair to the proper settings, you can find relief without increasing the risk for more pain and discomfort.

Recovering from Minor Injury

When you tweak your back after lifting something or moving the wrong way, you may think that a massage is a good idea. However, if you’ve injured something internally or pulled a muscle, it can be a good idea to wait before applying pressure to the affected area. Heat or cold may be best to help you heal, and you’ll want to speak with your doctor on which method will be ideal. He or she can also tell you when massage is appropriate, and when you’re able, you can sit in your luxury chair and soothe away the pain. This can be much more convenient than booking a session with a therapist and making the appointment fit your schedule. Your chair is always there and you can use it whenever you want!

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