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How Massage Chairs Can Help Decrease Insomnia

After a long day in 2021, we all need a minute to unwind. Too much stress can cause everything from tension headaches to high blood pressure. Left unchecked, stress can even lead to insomnia!

If you’re dealing with sleepless nights, you might have tried a range of insomnia solutions already.

At-home techniques for curing insomnia could include lavender oil and magnesium supplements. Or you might try a yin yoga session in the hours leading up to bedtime.

But did you know that the best massage chairs can also help treat your insomnia?

A relaxing at-home massage can improve the quality of your sleep. It can help decrease anxiety so you can get the shut-eye you deserve.

Are you searching for non-medical ways to cure insomnia? Then look no further!

This handy post will explain the science of massage and insomnia. You’ll then learn about the best massage chairs for insomnia on the market. Keep reading to get one step closer to a good night’s sleep!

How Does a Massage Therapy Help Treat Insomnia? 

In 2015, a group of scientists set out to answer this question. They set up an experiment with two groups of people struggling with insomnia.

One of these groups received a sleeping medication called estazolam. The other group received regular shujing massage therapy. All participants received their treatment once per day.

The results? This study found that massage therapy actually outperformed the medication.

This groundbreaking research showed that non-medical ways to cure insomnia can be even more effective than a prescription.

Of course, it’s not practical for all of us to get a professional massage every day. This is especially true now that so much of the world is still practicing social distancing.

A massage chair offers all the benefits of a professional massage. But it is a much cheaper option for getting that daily massage.

Finally, a massage chair gives you a chance to unwind on your own. This can help you enter into something called a “meditative state.”

Let’s take a look now at how a meditative state can help with insomnia management.

Mindfulness Meditation for Insomnia

Another recent study looked at how meditation can help with insomnia. In this study, scientists divided participants into two groups.

One group took classes on sleep education for six weeks. The other group participated in regular mindfulness meditation.

The results?

As you might have guessed, the group who practiced mindfulness reported more improvements in sleeping than the other group.

Meditation can help:

  • Stress
  • Pain response
  • Blood pressure
  • Mental health

When you struggle with insomnia, your mind might get more active right before bed. You might feel that your brain is “wired,” or that it keeps churning through thoughts as you’re trying to drift off.

massage chair helps your body enter a relaxation state. In this state, you can practice meditative mindfulness. This practice can help reduce challenging symptoms of insomnia.

Massage Chairs as Insomnia Solutions

Now that you’ve learned more about how massage can help fight insomnia, let’s take a look at some of the top massage chairs on the market today.

OHCO M.8LE Massage Chair

This model is specially crafted in Japan and comes in a range of luxurious colors. From saddle to Bordeaux, there are shades to fit with any interior decorating scheme.

One unique feature of the M.8LE is its lifelike massage. This massage chair was designed to mimic the feel of a massage therapist.

The M.8LE also comes with full-body air coverage. Air pressure helps improve your circulation and reduce tension.

The knead and stretch headrest can quickly remove any tension in your neck area. While you enjoy your massage, the total body heat feature also helps you relax fully.

This chair is an excellent option for anyone experiencing insomnia. The night run program is specifically designed to prepare you for sleep.

And the air ionizer and white noise generator can help you fully calm your mind. With the M.8LE, relaxing meditation is just a button away.

D.Core Cloud Massage Chair

The Cloud model offers similar benefits at a more affordable price. If you’re looking for relaxation at a lower price point, the Cloud massage chair might just be the chair for you.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the D.Core Cloud is its zero-gravity function. The chair can recline to give you a feeling of weightlessness.

This helps improve blood circulation. And lying in a reclined position can also help you prepare to get some shut-eye.

The D.Core Cloud also features a full-body air massage. Air cells target your entire body to gently remove tension.

Do you carry tension in your feet, too?

For many of us, tension in the feet is often overlooked. But a solid foot massage can do wonders for your relaxation. The D.Core Cloud’s foot rollers use air and rollers to compress and massage your entire foot.

If you’re looking to drift away on a cloud, D.Core’s beautifully designed model fits the bill.

Panasonic MAJ7 Massage Chair

This Panasonic model is known for its intense and precise massage experience. The MAJ7’s 3D massage experience targets tired muscles across multiple dimensions.

Unlike other rollers, this model features infrared heated rollers. Heated massage rollers elevate your relaxation experience.

One unique feature the MAJ7 offers is a professional sole massage. Massaging the soles of your feet can erase decades of tension in minutes.

The MAJ7 can handle everything from plantar arch manipulation to sole shiatsu. Whatever sole massage you’re looking for, this model has you covered.

Beyond its many massage options, the MAJ7 offers several stretching techniques. These movements can help improve your mobility or reduce stiffness in your muscles and joints.

If you find it difficult to wind down after a long day, you might consider a few minutes of stretching with the MAJ7. This can help your tension melt away and prepare you for the rest you need.

Massage, Meditation, and Insomnia

There is no perfect way to meditate. Some people achieve a meditative state while hiking along a quiet trail. Others prefer to listen to meditation tapes.

Once you’ve selected the right massage chair for you, it’s time to get down to business. To the business of relaxing, that is.

First, you want to settle yourself comfortably in your chair and select the massage setting that’s right for you. If possible, dim the lights or turn them off completely.

You might also turn on a relaxation recording or online video. One excellent option here would be to choose a video with natural sounds.

Hearing sounds from nature is scientifically proven to help us relax. Listening to bird songs or a running stream can actually reduce your physical and mental tension.

Once you’re in the relaxation zone, try to focus on your breathing. You might take a few deep breaths, hold them, and then release your breath slowly. Repeating this a few times can rapidly reduce your anxiety.

As your perfect massage chair works at your aching muscles, the calmness of meditation will soothe your mind and slow your thoughts.

If you struggle with relaxation, don’t worry!

So many of us are used to pushing ourselves to the max at home and at work. It can be difficult to take a beat and commit time to your own well-being.

But the fact is that everyone needs to rest. Insomnia can lead to long-term problems like depression, weight gain, or even chronic disease.

You have the power to improve your sleep patterns and quality. A massage chair is one of the best tools that you can have in your insomnia toolbox.

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