Top 5 Best Japanese Massage Chairs

Best Japanese Massage Chairs

While the origins of the massage chair are up for debate, there’s no question which country has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Japan has been a worldwide leader in massage chairs since its inception, leading the way with advanced technology, precise engineering, and a healthy respect for the practice.

Massage chairs that are made in Japan reflect the culture’s focus on mental well-being as well as physical health. Not only are the best Japanese massage chairs renowned for their profound effects on the mind and body. But, they are also known for their aesthetic beauty. A massage chair designed in Japan gives users the best of both worlds.

Here are the five best Japanese massage chairs on the market.


OHCO has established itself as the premier massage chair brand in the industry, and the M.8 LE is its crowning achievement.

  • Sens8 4D Engine: It all starts with the advanced technology of the M.8 LE. OHCO’s proprietary massage mechanism delivers the most lifelike massage experience of any chair on the market. It uses a series of algorithms to apply heated mechanical rollers in a way that mimics the human hand.  
  • MaxTrack: Japanese design marries modern performance in the M.8 LE’s MaxTrack. This versatile feature allows users to experience all of the high-performance massage capabilities of the M.8 LE in a variety of positions, including zero-gravity position and the lay-flat posture. MaxTrack is a must for anyone experiencing acute or chronic back pain. 
  • Total Body Heat: In addition to the Sens8-guided heated massage rollers, the M.8 LE features independently controlled heat zones in the feet, palms, back, and seat. These “hot rocks” style zones allow users to apply pinpoint heat to common problem areas.

NOTE: The M.8 LE is a limited edition massage chair, which can affect supply and delay delivery times. 


The M.8 model from OHCO shares nearly all of the features of the M.8 LE, offering its owners an unmatched massage experience. 

  • Full Body Air Massage: The M.8 offers a true full-body experience, including strategically placed air cells that gently massage your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders. The massage experience is about relaxation as well as recovery, and this feature reflects that focus. 
  • Japanese Design and Craftsmanship: The high standards of Japanese engineering and craftsmanship are met and exceeded by world-renowned Ken Okuyama’s massage chair design. The M.8 is not only a high-performance chair that’s capable of improving your physical and mental health. It is also a beautiful addition to your home or office decor. 
  • Arms of Embrace: The extensive list of high-impact features is what separates the M.8 from any Japanese massage chair, and that includes the Arms of Embrace. These 12 air cells offer more than 479,000,000 massage patterns for your forearms, palms, and fingertips.

Panasonic MAJ7

Panasonic is synonymous with quality, and the MAJ7 massage chair solidifies the Japanese brand’s sterling reputation.

  • Acupoints: Acupoints are thought to release the flow of the body’s vital energy. There are 1,080 acupoints on your neck and back, and the MAJ7 covers them all. With a variety of techniques, including Shiatsu and Swedish massages, the MAJ7 hits all of the right spots to “reinvigorate body and mind.”
  • Japanese Craftsmanship: Panasonic is one of the most trusted brands in the world, due in no small part, to its commitment to Japanese craftsmanship and quality. The MAJ7’s impressive portfolio of advanced technological features and mature design make it one of the best Japanese massage chairs and one of the best massage chairs in the world.
  • Heated Rollers: Thermotherapy is a reliable strategy for relaxing muscles in specific parts of the body. This allows the mechanical rollers to apply appropriate massage techniques directly to your most troubled areas, including the lower back.

Panasonic MA73

The MA73 makes the list of best Japanese massage chairs for its vast array of features and versatile design.

  • 3D Massage Mechanism: The Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine guides six preset and six manual programs. From the more intense Shiatsu massage to a gentle Swedish massage, the MA73 offers a variety of techniques that enable relaxation just as much as recovery. 
  • Body Scan Technology: The best massage chairs in 2021 are the chairs that deliver a customized experience. The Panasonic MA73 experience starts with an automatic body scan. Using pressure sensor technology, this massage chair maps the shape of your spine, allowing the 3D massage mechanism to accurately guide the rollers over every vertebrae.
  • Reflexology Treatment: While many chairs focus on your neck and back, they often forget about the hands and feet. The MA73 is a full-body experience, and that includes enhanced reflexology treatment. Dual-zone arm kneading and ceramic foot heaters relieve stress and relax the mind. 


The OHCO R.6 is another of OHCO’s elite massage chairs. Its advanced technology and sleek design push it over the top.

  • Automatic Recline: The best massage chairs allow for a variety of positions, and the R.6’s automatic recline function doesn’t disappoint. With the push of a single button, you can be at the perfect zero-gravity or lay-flat positions. The automatic function ensures that you’re reclined at the proper angle for maximum comfort, and it even allows you to adjust the angle of the footrest.
  • Back AutoScan: The high-end experience of the R.6 model starts with a scan of the structure of your back. This allows the chair’s 4D massage mechanism to properly apply its rollers to the shape of your spine. The result is a customized massage designed specifically for your body’s needs.  
  • Modern Design: The R.6 is perhaps best known for its modern aesthetic. The wood grain trim makes for a beautiful chair that only adds to the decor of your home or office.  

We listed just three features for every chair, but these elite Japanese massage chairs have plenty more to offer. The benefits of a massage chair made in Japan start with a dependable chair and extend to a rejuvenated body and beyond.