What’s Ailing You?

Whats Ailing You

Everyone experiences aches and pains from time to time, but we often don’t do anything about them until they become too much to bear. You may ignore a twinge in your back until it becomes so painful that you can’t stand up or walk properly. A slight discomfort in your knees isn’t thought about until you put pressure on it and pain shoots up your leg. At World’s Best Massage Chairs (WBMC), we want our customers to be able to find relief for what ails them, and a luxury massage chair could be the perfect remedy for your aches and pains.

Shoulders and Neck

Many people carry their stress in their neck and shoulders, and if you find that your pain increases when you’re particularly stressed, regular massages can be the perfect antidote to tight muscles and ligaments. If your job requires you to turn your head or look in multiple directions throughout the day, your neck and shoulder muscles can get quite a workout. Improper posture while sitting at a desk can also be detrimental, and sitting in your massage chair for a few minutes each evening can alleviate any discomfort.

Back and Hips

massage chair for back pain

Your spine is obviously very important, and if you’re experiencing back or hip pain, it can often be connected to a problem with your spine. If you have a herniated or bulging disc, it’s important to visit a spinal specialist for proper treatment. Your doctor may recommend massage as an appropriate remedy, and sitting in your chair can alleviate your pain after a day’s worth of walking and standing. If you suffer from sciatica or Piriformis syndrome, be sure to ask your doctor about how massage can help you.


If you were an athlete at some point in your life, or if you still are, chances are that your knees have taken the brunt of the abuse when you train for or play your favorite sport. When you walk, run, bend, or jump, you need your knees to help you move. Pain in and around your knees can cause problems up and down your legs, and massage can soothe away that pain and make it easier to train and play.


The ankles can also be a problem for athletes, as well as those who stand and walk during the day. If you play football, lacrosse, or another sport that requires you to change direction suddenly, you run the risk of injuring an ankle, which is why many athletes tape their ankles before the game begins. Massaging these joints can help with swelling and inflammation, but it’s always best to consult with a physician before beginning any form of treatment.

Those who stand all day at their job can also experience ankle pain, especially if they’re not wearing the proper shoes or they don’t have anti-fatigue solutions such as a standing mat under their feet. The luxury chairs in our online store provide massage from head to toe, so you can find relief for your chronic ankle pain.

If you’re struggling with pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, or ankles, why not try a soothing massage? At WBMC, we love helping people find the perfect massage chair, and we love it, even more, when we hear that it was the ideal solution for chronic aches and pains.