Massage Chairs for Small and Big People

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You’ve done the research on the health benefits of massage. Maybe you have worked out a budget. Perhaps you realize that having a massage chair in your own home is necessary for you.

Just like people, massage chairs come in a range of sizes and styles. Massage chairs for small people are not going to be effective for taller or heavier people. Massage chairs for tall people will not have very much benefit for a petite person.

Are you shopping for a massage chair? Read on for the top massage chairs for small and big people so you can find the best chair for you.

What Are the Key Features for a Perfect Fit?

You may have tried massage chairs at the gym or kiosks. How did it feel? Were you scooting up or down to reach points in your neck or legs? 

A massage chair must also meet your body closely so that you can experience a soothing massage. A body that does not meet massage points or is too pressed against rollers will not receive the full benefit intended.

Massage Chairs for Tall vs Short

This should be your first consideration when shopping for a massage chair. If you are too short for the chair’s design, you may find that rollers intended for your neck and shoulder end up pressed against your head.

For a proper leg massage, dangling off the edge will end up in a massage at the back of the knee rather than your sore calves. Likewise, a shorter person will become frustrated with a massage at the heel rather than the calves.

Massage Chairs for Small vs Large People

In addition to the length of the massage chair, the width must be considered. For a chair that provides a full body massage, you will want to make sure that components can meet your body to apply compression properly.

Massage Chairs for Heavy vs Light

There are massage chairs with advanced technology that can read your body weight to apply the correct amount of pressure needed for a deep massage. Look for the manufacturer’s weight suggestions to find the right massage chair for you.

Recommended Chairs for Your Body Type

At The World’s Best Massage Chairs, we take pride in offering a large selection of quality massage chairs for every body type.  Here is a list of preferred massage chairs for your size.

Massage Chairs for Tall

The POSITIVE POSTURE BRIO+ massage chair by Positive Posture is designed for people 5′-6′ tall. It is packed with features for a full-body massage. 

This massage chair has a full-body scan feature that determines the location of your shoulders and adapts rollers to meet body points correctly. It is fully adaptable to your height specifications. 

Massage Chairs for Short

If you have been searching for a massage chair that will accommodate people less than 5′ tall, look no further than the PANASONIC MAJ7. The manufacturer’s height recommendation is 4’8″-6’2″ tall. 

This massage chair features advanced sensors that can detect 1000 different points on your neck and back and deliver this information at a rate of 100 times per second. The result is a very personalized massage that meets your body at the right position.

Massage Chairs for Small

The POSITIVE POSTURE SŌL massage chair is perfect for people with smaller frames. The chair features a smaller seat width than average and is lightweight enough to easily move it around in your living space.

Just because it is smaller does not mean that the SŌL massage chair skimps on providing a soothing massage to your neck, back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. The zero-gravity feature encourages a full relaxation massage that cradles your body for the full release of tension.

Massage Chairs for Large

If you have a large frame, it’s important to find the correct width of a chair so that you are comfortable and the rollers are not applying too much pressure.

The OHCO M.8LE massage chair has a larger seat in both width and depth. The most innovative feature this chair has is side-opening doors for the ease of entering and exiting. These side openings add an extra 20″ of side width.

The full-body scan feature ensures that compression cells and rollers meet your body at the correct pressure points.

Massage Chairs for Heavy Weight

There are two important considerations to make when shopping for a massage chair intended for heavier weights.

First, you must be able to relax fully with the knowledge that your chair will support you. Second, rollers must be able to give a strong enough massage that penetrates your muscles and body tissue. 

The OHCO M.DX can provide a firm massage in both Swedish and Shiatsu styles. The zero-gravity feature allows you to relax with full support. Side doors open for easy entry and exit. 

Massage Chairs for Light Weights

If you have a lean body and low weight, your massage needs will be focused on a more gentle massage. Why? Less body tissue means that a firm massage will become painful because the pressure is being placed on your bones. 

There are 56 air cells in the OHCO R.6 massage chair. What does that mean to you? These air cells can provide a gentle and soothing Swedish massage.

The back auto-scan feature reads the structure of your spine to apply the right pressure during a Shiatsu massage. Enjoy the feeling of floating in zero gravity mode.

Find the Best Massage Chairs For Small and Big People

At the World’s Best Massage Chairs, we pride ourselves in expert knowledge about massage and only recommend the highest quality products.  This includes massage chairs for small and big people alike, as well as anyone who has a size concern about making the purchase. 

If you have found this article helpful, please visit our blog or contact us for further education about the health benefits and features of the best massage chair for your body type.