Top 10 Best Reclining Massage Chairs

Best reclining massage chairs

Features of The Best Reclining Massage Chairs

The vast majority of massage chairs on the market recline, but the best reclining massage chairs are about more than just getting you off of your feet. The best reclining massage chairs in the industry use reclining features to compliment the massage experience.

Here are just a few of the advanced functions and benefits of reclining massage chairs:

  • Create angles that allow mechanical rollers maximum coverage space
  • Prepares the body for massage by relaxing the spine and improving circulation
  • Maximizes effects of a massage, including improved breathing, injury prevention, and pain relief

After carefully researching the best massage chairs in the industry, we’ve narrowed it to ten chairs that best use reclining features to improve the health of their users.

  1. OHCO M.8
    • OHCO’s M.8 is one of the most luxurious massage chairs on the market, and that extends to its reclining features. Users can automatically recline to lay flat or zero-gravity positions. The M.8 model is one of the best zero-gravity massage chairs, which offers health benefits including improving circulation, increased lung capacity, and limiting the pressure on your spine.
    • You can also manually adjust the recline angle on the M.8 anywhere from 120-165 degrees from the floor, depending on your preference or massage goals. The leg rest can also be adjusted up to 90 degrees for your maximum comfort.
    • The automatic reclining feature as well as the variability in reclining angle make the OHCO M.8 our top choice for the best reclining massage chair in 2020.
  2. D.Core Cirrus
    • A top-of-the-line massage chair in 2021 has to automatically recline to zero-gravity position, and the Cirrus does just that. The zero-gravity position is accomplished when the torso and thigh form a 128-degree angle, and the hamstring and calf form a 133-degree angle. Automatic recline ensures all angles are accurate, and you receive the best massage possible. 
    • The Cirrus not only showcases zero-gravity position, its 3D+ True Massage Mechanism is one of the premier technological components in the massage chair industry, ensuring an authentic Shiatsu experience. 
  3. OHCO M.DX
    • The M.DX model from OHCO shares many of the reclining features of OHCO’s M.8 model, including automatic reclining. Automatic recline to lay flat and zero-gravity positions ensures that the angle is precise and the user receives the full benefits of these positions. 
    • With the press of a single button, the M.DX reclines automatically to the recommended angle for its programmed massages, but users can also adjust the angle between 120 and 165 degrees if desired. The chair leg is an independent feature, allowing users to adjust as needed. The OHCO M.DX is easy to use and allows users to customize their experience. 
  4. OHCO R.6
    • OHCO delivers again, this time with its R.6 model. You’ve already heard about OHCO’s automatic recline, lay flat and zero-gravity presets, and customizable angle, but the R.6 also offers stunning aesthetic beauty. Where many reclining massage chairs can be an eyesore, the R.6 features what OHCO refers to as Mid Century Modern Design. Its sleek wood grain trim combined with its reclining features make the R.6 an easy choice to make our top ten.
  5. Panasonic MAJ7
    • The MAJ7 is the premium reclining massage chair model from Panasonic. Panasonic is known for its world-class engineering, and the MAJ7 only bolsters that reputation with its wide variety of massage programs and intensity levels. And with 15 full-body massage programs, it has something for everyone. From Shiatsu to Swedish, the MAJ7 can hit you at all the right angles.
    • The tethered remote lets you manually select a technique or combine multiple techniques to customize your experience. It also allows for simple adjustments, including preset automatic reclining positions. 
  6. D.Core Stratus
    • Enjoy all of the benefits of the zero-gravity position, including relief from lower back and neck pain, among other things in the D.Core Stratus. The Stratus is an automatic reclining massage chair that features preset angles in both its back and leg rests during automatic massage programs. You can also take control of your reclining angle with an easy-to-use remote control. 
    • Other features include a full-body air massage and D.Core’s patented Wave Arrays, the first chair in the industry to include mechanical massage units for your forearms and calves. 
  7. Panasonic MA73
    • The MA73 model is another premium option from Panasonic. Although it doesn’t carry as many programs as the MAJ7, the MA73 packs more than enough punch for those in search of a high-quality reclining massage chair. 
    • The tethered remote allows users to mix and match massage programs and styles as well as automatically recline to their preferences. This chair also makes our list of best-heated massage chairs with its infrared heated massage rollers providing thermotherapy to your lower back and other common problem areas. 
  8. Positive Posture Brio Sport
    • The Brio Sport model from Positive Posture is renowned for its specialization in workout recovery with automatic massage programs for pre and post-workout sessions. But it’s also one of the best 4D massage chairs in the industry with its Intelligent Massage Mechanism, which powers the chair’s impressive array of choreographed programs. 
    • And if you’re looking for zero-gravity, the Brio Sport features True Zero Gravity, which automatically reclines the chair to the optimal angle. In fact, the Brio Sport chair can recline to 160 degrees, while the footrest can recline up to 80 degrees for maximum effect.
  9. Positive Posture Brio+
    • Another wonderful reclining massage chair from Positive Posture, the Brio+ offers many of the same reclining features as the Brio Sport. That includes True Zero Gravity and automatic reclining up to 160 degrees from the floor. 
    • Positive Posture’s feature-heavy massage chairs are among the most technologically advanced in the industry. From the Brio+’s 4D massage mechanism to its full-body air massage, this chair delivers one of the most realistic and beneficial experiences that’s capable of alleviating joint and spine pressure.   
  10. D.Core Cloud
    • A D.Core Cloud is a great option for those looking for a luxury reclining massage chair at a lower price point than many on this list. The Cloud shares the reclining features of the Stratus and Cirrus models from D.Core, including automatic recline and zero-gravity position. It’s capable of reclining anywhere from 113 degrees to 145 degrees from the floor, which can be easily controlled by remote control. 

Reclining massage chairs are great for relaxation, but the best reclining massage chairs also perform for their users- allowing them to receive the best treatment possible.

These ten of the best reclining massage chairs give you the best of both worlds and more!