Massage Chairs and Headaches

massage chairs and stress

massage chairs and stressBy Dr. Ron
Headaches are one of the most annoying and sometimes debilitating conditions a person can deal with. Migraine sufferers have been known to literally “not be able to function” due to the severity of their migraines.
Cluster headaches are also incredibly distracting and when they become chronic, they are even more debilitating as well. When headaches persist, they can also be very dangerous, so headaches are something you need to pay close attention to and monitor them to see if they persist. If they persist and increase in intensity, contact your physician for an evaluation. Let’s face it, headaches are just that…a “headache”.
There are several factors that contribute and exacerbate headaches: smoking, stress, lack of exercise, dehydration, lack of rest or sleep, food allergies, etc. Many health experts also believe that headaches originate from circulatory issues and that decreased blood flow is a key contributor to those various forms of headaches. Many health experts also say that combatting those headaches could range from basically moving around like taking a walk, to receiving massage therapy or to even engaging in vigorous exercise. Every headache sufferer has a different threshold of pain tolerance and for most of these types of headache sufferers, a massage chair tends to bring a tangible improvement in eliminating those irritating headaches.
You might ask yourself…How does a massage chair help headaches?
Reason 1:
Massage chairs sole purposes are to “move and stimulate” the body of the person sitting in the chair. As we stated before, motion creates increased blood flow to those areas being “moved” and massage chairs not only move and compress, but some also have rollers that heat up. All of these attributes provide increased blood flow and when you compound them together, you have a very effective headache fighting tool. If you can have this tool available to you in your own home and on a daily basis, think about how effectively you can help combat your own dealings with headaches.
Reason 2:
Massage chairs also provide another key element in helping alleviate headache pain….relaxation.
Being able to relax (both mentally and physically) is such a critical skill to develop in order for us to become as productive as we can possibly be. “Relaxing” allows for the body and mind to “flow” optimally. The least amount of resistance that is between clear thinking and physical execution is always the best path for optimal production for our bodies and minds. The worlds best massage chairs all have the incredible ability to bring our bodies and our minds to that amazing state of being (both physically and mentally).
Reason 3:
Massage chairs main specialty to most people is their ability to help people eliminate stress. It is almost impossible to get into one of the worlds best massage chairs and not feel your stress dissipating away. Stress is a true killer in the manic world we live in and if you are the type to always be stressed about things (both small and large), then you really need to address correcting your ability to cope with stress. A massage chair is not only an excellent way to deal with stress, but they’re also one of the most enjoyable ways to dealing with stress too.