Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

health benefits of massage chairs

Many people wonder what kind of health benefits they can expect to see when they buy a new massage chair.

As a former healthcare professional, I cannot stress enough how important: movement, motion, and compression help the human body…especially as we get older. Movement, motion, and compression are absolutely pivotal to increasing blood flow, and increasing blood flow is one of the most important ways we begin our healing process.

Movement keeps the body limber, prevents stiffness in your muscles and joints and ultimately allows you to feel younger. Movement also creates increased blood flow to all areas and tissues of the body. Anytime you have to improve the functionality of a body part, improving your circulation which increases the blood flow to that affected area is a key component to improving your healing time.

Motion increases blood flow throughout the body and is almost like doing a “mini-workout”. When you increase and improve your circulatory system’s performance, it allows your body to prevent dangerous clotting and allows your body to move more oxygen throughout your body…which is why you always feel so much more invigorated when you finish working out.

Compression mechanisms applied to your body create a “pumping” dynamic. Just like any pump, a pumping mechanism to your body parts moves blood in and out of the areas being compressed. This allows oxygenated blood to come in and out of those compressed areas, and anytime we bring newly oxygenated blood into an area, we nourish those body parts that have been adversely affected.

If you know that you need to start working out more (and who doesn’t need to work out more), but you want to start slowly…a massage chair is an absolutely perfect way for you to start getting your body moving and the blood flowing.

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Dr. Ron is a former chiropractor and a lifelong athlete.
He is one of the healthcare experts that is currently on the staff at WBMC and provides a real life perspective on the health benefits of massage chairs. He can be reached directly at