The Benefits of Massage for Elderly Adults

Elderly Adults Massage Benefits

As we age, our bodies can begin to experience a number of aches and pains that never used to trouble us before.

We take note of how we feel at 40, at 50, and every decade after that, and through proper diet and exercise, we can feel rather good when we reach 60. However, if you’ve noticed that your joints don’t seem to work as they used to or you’re more prone to muscle fatigue, it may be worthwhile to look into a massage chair. Massage can provide elderly adults with many benefits, and at The World’s Best Massage Chair (WBMC), we love nothing more than pairing a customer with the perfect chair.

Benefit #1. Improved Circulation

Senior citizens can experience a number of issues that are related to blood pressure and circulation. Regular massage can help improve circulation, which helps blood pressure in the extremities, allowing an elderly adult to walk better and use his or her arms without difficulty.

Benefit #2. A Comforting Touch

Unfortunately, many seniors live alone after the loss of a spouse or partner. They may move into an assisted-living facility where they have friends and neighbors, but they have their own room. A massage chair can provide that comforting touch that helps them relax and feel at ease, no matter what their living situation may be.

Benefit #3. Relief from Pain

Countless people deal with arthritis and arthritic symptoms on a daily basis. They’re not able to grip things like they used to, and getting dressed or bathing can become more difficult as they age. Regular massage can increase blood flow to the joints and help those areas affected by arthritis become more functional and less painful.

Benefit #4. Counteract a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many seniors remain active well into their golden years, but others are unable to hike or bike like they used to. If an elderly adult is unable to exercise or move as much as they used to, their muscles can harden and become tighter. Massage can soften these muscles and help soothe away any tightness that is caused by inactivity. It can also restore flexibility and function to muscle groups.

Benefit #5. Better Sleep

Some elderly adults only sleep for a few hours each night, as they are awoken by pain or feelings of restlessness. Massage can help them enjoy deeper sleep, as well as longer periods of sleep, which are necessary for a person of any age.

There are many other benefits that an elderly person can find when using a luxury massage chair. The heat functions can help soothe away soreness and stiffness, and the enveloping comfort of the chair can help them feel happier. A chair can be the perfect addition to a bedroom or living room and can fit easily into a room in a nursing home or assisted living facility. They’re easy to get into and out of, decreasing the risk of falling while attempting to sit down or stand up. We may recommend a gentle massage chair like the D.Core Stratus, Positive Posture Brio+, or the OHCO R.6.

If you’re interested in finding a chair for yourself, or for a parent or grandparent, contact WBMC today!

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