The Benefits of Heat with Massage

massage chairs with heat

We’ve all been there – we overexert ourselves and the next day, our bodies don’t want to cooperate. It may have been a strenuous workout or a hike through the mountains, but when you wake up the next day, all you feel in your back, legs, and feet is pain. You may try some home remedies such as a heating pad or a rice bag, and while these may help, they may only assuage your discomfort for a short time. At The World’s Best Massage Chairs, we have chairs with heated rollers that can soothe your sore muscles and provide the relief you need to get on with your day.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when heat therapy is paired with massage, and in this post, we’ll look at a few of those benefits.

Increased Blood Flow

Traditional massage works to loosen the muscles and relieve tightness. When heat is added, the blood vessels are dilated, which increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, helping them heal faster. If a muscle is too taut, the application of heat can help it relax, which can relieve the pain in a localized area.

Increased Flexibility

If your back is stiff or you can’t rotate your shoulder completely, you may be hindered from doing the everyday activities you want or need to do. Heat and massage can restore function and flexibility, giving you back the range of motion you need. Soft tissue and connective tissue are stretched, restoring them to their proper shape and function.

Increased Relaxation

A stiff neck or back can cause not only physical problems, but emotional ones as well. You feel stressed because of your pain, and this stress only adds to your discomfort. Sitting in your massage chair with the heat function turned on can increase your relaxation levels, helping you unwind after a particularly stressful and painful day. Much like wrapping up in warm blanket or taking a hot bath, the heat helps you feel more at peace and lets you push the anxiety out of your mind.

The Proper Duration

While you may feel like you could sit in your chair for hours on end, it’s important to speak with your doctor or medical professional about the appropriate amount of time to use your heated massage functions. The proper duration can help your body heal, but sitting in your chair for too long could overwork or overheat your muscles. Once the massage program is done, you can sit in your chair with the functions off, simply relaxing and unwinding. You can do the same the next day, and so on, until you begin to feel that your body is restored to optimal health.

If you’re interested in a luxury massage chair with heat therapy, look through our catalog today. The MA-J7 from Panasonic is one chair that offers amazing massages with heat functions, which simulate the warm hands of a professional who is using hot stones on your back and neck. This can help with stiffness and swelling, and we know that you will love using your chair every single day!

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