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At World’s Best Massage Chairs (WBMC), it’s our mission to help every customer find the perfect massage chair for their home or office. We’ve worked with a number of people who are starting a new workout routine and need a way to help their muscles recover and recuperate following a group exercise class or a particularly grueling lifting session. What’s great about our chairs is that they’re beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels, so if you’re starting to work out again after some time away from the gym, then we can help you find the perfect option!

Massage Chair vs Traditional Massage

You might be wondering why having a massage chair would be any different from visiting a local massage therapist. Your gym or spa may offer massage treatment, and you may be thinking about scheduling a session or two to combat the aches and pains of your recent workouts. If you have chronic back pain or poor circulation, then you could be facing even more challenges as you lift weights or attempt a new yoga pose.

A massage chair can provide consistent compression on a certain part of your anatomy, helping certain muscles heal after an intense workout. Your local massage therapist may not specialize in the type of massage, such as Shiatsu or Swedish, that could prove to be the most beneficial for your body. On top of that, you don’t have to make an appointment or pay anything extra to sit in your new chair!

Weightlifting and Plyometrics

For anyone who’s lifted weights, you know that in order to build muscle, you first have to tear it down so that it can rebuild itself. Certain weightlifting exercises are designed to help improve your lower-body strength, while others are focused on the upper body. You may not be lifting in order to enter a bodybuilding competition, but you do want to increase your strength. Weightlifting can also help with flexibility and dexterity, as your muscles are more durable and react more quickly.

When it comes to plyometrics, your focus is on building strength and speed. You’re not necessarily lifting weights, but instead working to help your muscles extend and contract in a more “explosive” motion. The first few times you do a plyo workout, you’re likely to be very sore afterwards, and that’s where massage can be very beneficial.

As your muscles rebuild themselves following a lifting session or plyo workout, you will likely experience tenderness and soreness in certain areas. You may be walking gingerly for a few days, and picking up heavy items may be out of the question. With your massage chair, you can promote faster healing and help more oxygen get to your muscles, which is what they need to repair themselves.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are intended to help increase your heart health and your lung capacity. They often consist of running on a treadmill, going for a bike ride, jumping rope, and many other exercises. The point is to get your heart rate up so that more blood is flowing throughout your body. This carries more oxygen to your muscles, which is imperative when you’re participating in a competitive sport or running a half-marathon.

As you start your new cardio workouts, you’re likely not going to be able to run or bike very far, or perform too many jumps with a rope before you get tired. It’s important to gradually increase your cardio exercises so that your body can build up its endurance. Regular massage can help you recover more quickly, and nothing will feel as great as sitting down in your luxury chair after a two- or three-mile jog (after you’ve showered, of course).


Yoga is a popular form of exercise the world over, and there are many different forms from which to choose. Your local gym may offer “hot yoga” or you may have a workout DVD that provides at-home instruction. Regardless of your skill or fitness level, yoga is intended to help you stretch your muscles and make your body more flexible. The first few times you practice yoga, you’re likely not going to be able to bend or twist very far. The key is to know where your body’s limitations are and work to push past them. You don’t have to overexert yourself, but progressing gradually can make you feel better both physically and mentally.

Pairing yoga and massage can help you reach new fitness levels that you may not have thought possible a few years ago. As your muscles are stretched, you’ll likely experience soreness, and the compression provided by your chair can help soothe sore muscles. Yoga is also intended to help put you in a more peaceful state of mind, and your massage chair can help you stay in that relaxed state once the yoga session has ended.


Pilates gets its name from the man who created the exercise system, Joseph Pilates. The system has evolved somewhat over the decades, but the focus has always been the same – promoting better movement, balance, and body control. There are many benefits to getting a massage both before and after your Pilates workout, and your new chair can provide both. There are many therapeutic properties of Pilates that can be bolstered by massage, and you can work with a trainer or doctor to see which massage system will be best for you. Since Pilates often requires specialized equipment, you may practice it at your local gym and then head to the spa for a relaxing massage. Having a chair at home can eliminate the need to schedule a massage before or after your Pilates workout.

Personal Training

Many of us who want to get in shape will hire a personal trainer to help us lose weight, build muscle, and more. You may not be sure where to start with your workouts, and that’s where a trainer can help. They can design a workout program for you, and they may recommend regular massage to help your body heal following exercise. They may even be familiar with certain massage chair models and can recommend the right one for you. Your trainer is there to guide you towards better health and fitness, and making massage part of that process could prove extremely beneficial for you.

Find The Best Chair Today

If you’re thinking about getting back in the gym, or you’ve just bought some free weights that you plan to use at home, then why not complete the package with a new massage chair? Your goal is to make your body look and function better than it did before, and helping it recover following a workout is a key part of the journey. At WBMC, we can help you choose the right chair for your home or office, and we’ll gladly explain the settings and benefits of each option and feature of our best-curated massage chair brands. Above all, we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice, and that your chair will provide the advantages you want for years to come.

Look through our catalog today to see what we have to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online. We look forward to helping you!