Way Beyond Magic Fingers

magic fingers vibrating bed massage

Remember Magic Fingers? You put a quarter in the slot and your motel bed vibrated for about 10 minutes. One of the best things about travel back in the day. We sure didn’t have Magic Fingers at home.

That’s what many people today think a massage chair is like: a little pleasant vibration. And as nice as it was back when nobody booked travel just for the delight of the Magic Fingers. It was an added value at the Motel 6. But that’s not the world of today’s massage chair.

Recently, I had a chance to introduce a friend to the OHCO M.8LE in a retail outlet near my home. The chair was not the largest on the floor, but it looked like something NASA might have designed. Sleek, plush and black.

My friend lowered himself into the seat, carefully placing his feet in the “booties” provided. Similarly, his arms slid into snug, comfy rests on either side. He laid his head back into the adjustable cushion and activated the chair. Then he didn’t do anything except smile and make “yummy” noises.

In the old days, I sometimes stopped by the massage chairs in the mall. They were not that different from living room furniture in appearance. And, sure, they provided stimulation. But they seemed tame compared to the OHCO and D.Core models.

The variety of techniques, pressure, deep massage is another world. The sales person told us the whole cycle would take thirty minutes. Can you imagine? A half hour of varied, professional, premium massage chair treatment in your home at no additional cost? I knew they would be impatient with my friend if he tried out the whole menu the chair provides, so he doesn’t know the half of it. Literally.

What he said getting out was, “I feel like a new person.” And that is magical!