Massage Chairs Help Ease Discomfort of Seasonal Allergies Year-Round


Suffering from Seasonal Allergies Year-Round

Usually, we think of spring as allergy season. Yes, all the blooming plants and their release of pollen are the cause of much misery. But truly, there isn’t a single allergy season. And as winter approaches, the irritants come from other sources. And your massage chair is a great way to deal with that.

Recent wildfires on the Pacific Coast are a dramatic example of how environmental conditions can affect us. Many residents of California spent days and even weeks in November of this year wearing respirator masks to protect themselves from airborne pollutants. And many did not. Either way, the impact of wood smoke and other more typical season irritants like dust, and dry air can make us miserable.

While massage cannot stop the allergic reaction that you may have to these allergens, it can help modify and dissipate the symptoms.

How Massage Chair Therapy Can Help

When you are coughing and sneezing, your whole body is affected. An hour in your massage chair can soothe muscles that are tight from coughing and sneezing, giving you relief from allergy-related pain.

And what about the more immediate symptoms, like running nose, itchy eyes, and such? Can massage help with that? You bet it can.

The immune system is very closely linked to your seasonal allergy symptoms. When the immune system is compromised, your allergies are more severe and can cause sneezing, dry and itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and headaches. Massage is a drug-free way to boost your immune system, relax the nerves and relieve sinus pressure.

Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, regular massage can provide a significant decrease in allergy symptoms.

What Massage Chairs Are Best?

Because massage is generally helpful for allergy and stress relief, almost any massage chair would be beneficial. However, we can recommend a pair that would be particularly well suited to help relieve your symptoms.

A reflexology point located on your feet focuses on drainage in the axillary lymph nodes. So a chair that has superior foot massage options would be perfect. The Panasonic MA-J7, for instance, has bottom-of-the-foot rollers that provide multi-directional movement and a full reflexology massage.

Another way to relieve head congestion is to focus on the base of the occiput on both sides of the C1 vertebrae. To get that great neck massage, the Panasonic MA73 is one of the best. If you are looking for a super high-quality, long-lasting massage chair that won’t break the bank try the MA73.

Year-Round Relief

Of course, allergies happen throughout the year. Each of us is sensitive to different allergens, and sometimes new reactions can surprise us. Events like wildfires, or more usual cold snaps, winter blizzards, as well as the well-known spring flowers and grasses can make us miserable. Having a massage chair at home for when those miseries surface is a wonderful resource.

If you need help in making a selection, please contact us. We’re happy to listen and advise you about the right massage chair for you.

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