No other company on Earth inspires more brand loyalty than Panasonic. If you own a Panasonic TV, the next TV you buy is going to be another Panasonic. The same can be said for Panasonic Massage Chairs. Owners know they last forever, give a great massage and they now have a new 1st rate support system behind them.

Their newest model, the MA-J7 is hands down capable of giving the deepest, strongest and most fluid massage of any chair in the world but since it is also 3D it can be toned down to suite a more mild taste.

And let’s face it, massage chairs are not pretty, but Panasonic massage chairs are arguably the best looking chairs you will find anywhere. Looking at the MA-73 with its reversible footrest you may not know it was a massage chair at all. Find out what 1000s of others already know, once you own a Panasonic, you will be hooked.

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