Finally! A massage chair that truly beautifies an upscale home or office. It is a technological marvel that celebrates natural finishes and simplicity of design. As with all OHCO models, carefully planned and precise movements emulate the hands of shiatsu master Akira Okabayashi to melt away tension, awaken the senses and bring relief to your whole mind and body. Aesthetically, there’s no other massage chair you can own that borrows more from the”language” of furniture with its mid-century sensibilities, and it all comes with no sacrifice whatsoever to the quality of massage.

Retail Price: $11,500

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5' - 6'5''
Intensity Did you know intensity scales can be deceiving? World's Best adds these scales because consumers search this way, but really, the best chairs have the ability to adjust their intensity level across a wider range. If you are looking for a specific intensity, reach out to our massage chair experts and they can walk you through the process of identifying the best chairs for your intended outcome.
Light, Medium & Firm

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