How Detox Affects the Body: Massage and Detox— Part 2


Detox massage therapy is an excellent way to help the body flush toxins and regain natural good health without the use of drugs. Every type of massage, including that delivered by a quality massage chair, has a cleansing effect on the body as it provides relaxation and comfort.

Our Toxic Lives

Toxins accumulate in our bodies because of environmental contamination, consumption of processed or otherwise unhealthy food, our often sedentary lifestyle, and the inescapable reality of stress in our daily lives. As toxins build up and hide out in the body, we may be largely unaware of them. Or we may experience any one of a host of discomforts stemming from the presence of these toxins. In the short term, they may lead to colds, fevers and skin rashes. Over the course of time, they can trigger cancer, multiple sclerosis or auto-immune disease.

The Effects of Detox

No one would disagree that getting rid of toxins—poisons— is a good thing. But any detox experience itself may bring discomfort. As the body begins to rid itself of toxins, uncomfortable side effects may show up. These include headache, nausea, muscle soreness, muscle strain, body fatigue, and constant thirst. Many times, symptoms vary from treatment to treatment or present in combination. Experiencing any one of these symptoms can lead people to worry, to assume that they got a bad massage, to conclude that massage treatment isn’t a good thing in general, or that massage has somehow triggered a more serious condition.

It’s All Natural

It’s easy to understand that misconception. However, it is good to understand that these symptoms are signs of the natural cleansing and healing process. That knowledge is important: Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Greeting these temporary discomforts as signs that the body is healing is calming, comforting and reassuring. These, too, will pass, and the body and mind will be back on a healthier track.

If you have encountered unpleasant symptoms in the past, it may be wise to discuss any planned detox program with your physician. Remember too that frequent massage treatment can help. Because toxins will not have had as much time to accumulate in the body, flushing them out may produce fewer side effects. Just as other healthy life choices can improve overall health, a regular program of massage treatment from a premium massage chair in your own home is a prescription for better health.

The more aggressive the massage or massage chair, the better its ability to break up toxins that have built up in your system. The most aggressive chair on the market today is the Panasonic MA-J7.
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