Send a Chair as a Surprise!

give the gift of a massage chair

If you have a friend or relative who lives on the other side of the country, you may enjoy sending each other surprise gifts during the year, or you may save those special items and send them on a birthday or during the holiday season. If they have a milestone birthday coming up or want to get them something amazing, why not pick out a luxury massage chair? At World’s Best Massage Chair (WBMC), we can help you choose the perfect option based on the recipient’s needs, lifestyle, and any other factors. We want your special someone to have a truly special chair!

Choosing the Right Massage Chair Model

If you’ve been to your friend’s house, then you may know exactly where a massage chair would fit. They may have a large home theater area where a chair could be placed, and they could sit in it while watching a favorite TV show or movie. Perhaps they’ve just added a home office, and their new chair could be put in a corner and provide a relaxation spot after they’ve been sitting at their desk for a few hours.

Each model offers several benefits, and our staff will gladly explain each one, whether it’s the built-in infrared heat, the Shiatsu massage program settings, or the best way to use the remote. Keep in mind that each model is a different size and shape and that you’ll want to be sure it will fit in the space in your friend’s house that you have in mind. You can find the specs of each model on its product page, including weight, reclining angle, and footrest extension.

The Perfect Color

One thing that you always want to keep in mind when picking out a chair for someone else is the color. Obviously, you’re buying them a massage chair because of the health and wellness benefits, but you don’t want the color to clash with their walls or their home decor. Luckily, our store has plenty of color options to choose from, including neutral colors such as beige and cream, and distinct colors such as red and black. If your friend or relative has a bold personality, then a bold chair may be the best option. If they’re more laid back, then a softer color may be the best choice. No matter which chair you choose, they’ll receive an amazing massage every time they use it!

Having it Delivered

Once you know which model you want and which color will be best, you can place your order and have the chair shipped to its destination. The best brands offer free white glove delivery on every chair to anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States, so if you’re in Colorado and you want to send a chair to someone in Maine, you can! You may be planning to visit your friend soon, and you may want to be there when the chair arrives.

With two weeks from confirmation date to delivery, you can be there with your friend to see the look on their face when the chair arrives. If you need expedited delivery for a birthday or the holidays, we can make that happen as well. We’re always here to make your shopping and shipping experience as easy as possible!

If you want to surprise someone with a luxury massage chair, shop with WBMC today. We have an amazing selection to choose from, and we know that your friend or relative will be absolutely blown away when their gift arrives. If you have questions or you’re not sure where to start, feel free to contact us at any time.

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