Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

massage chair zero gravity reclineYou may have heard that Zero-Gravity in a massage chair was inspired by NASA, nope. Possibly, it’s the position that Astronauts sit in before take-off, again no. Or that if you are laying completely flat that is Zero-G, no again. Quite simply, Zero-G is the natural position the body takes when in a micro gravity environment. It’s that simple.

You might have noticed that your body takes this position when you are submersed in water and totally relaxed. It’s also the position a fetus takes in the womb. It is the most natural and relaxing body position to humans. Does it promote improved circulation? Maybe. Does it take all the pressure off your joints? Yes, but so does laying down.

So what is Zero-G in a massage chair?

In a traditional recliner the seat stays parallel to the ground and may allow you recline nearly flat. In a Zero-G chair the front of the seat points toward the ceiling while the chair reclines putting you in a “Z” position. Ever wonder why a rocking chair feels so comfortable when you lean back? Same thing, and they have been around for 100’s of years. Same principle.

Reclining in a Zero-G chair does kind of make you feel weightless and almost floating.

The very first Zero-G full massage chair available in the US came out in 2004 but the technology back then was primitive, difficult and clunky and didn’t take off right away.

Today nearly 1/3 of all chairs are Zero-G and the technology on about 1/2 is fluid and seamless. Add 3D, L-Track and a space saving design and you’ve got the perfect massage chair vehicle.

astronaut zero gravity recline poistionThe fact is a Zero Gravity massage chair doesn’t really provide any more or less physical benefits than a non-zero-G chair but they are much, much more comfortable and relaxing by an order of magnitude.

Take a look at Dan Burbank aboard the ISS showing us a typical Zero-G Position.