Top 11 Best Full Body Massage Chairs

best full body massage chairs

The best full-body massage chairs are designed to treat all areas of the body as opposed to a localized massage, which targets specific areas for recovery.

A full-body massage chair has programs and features that address all areas of the body, including:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Upper, middle, and lower back
  • Hips
  • Seat
  • Legs
  • Feet

Benefits of Full-Body Massage Chairs

Full-body massage chairs are investments in your overall health – a tool to help you improve your physical and mental well-being.

Here are a few of the benefits that come with regular use of the best full body massage chairs. 

  • Reduce anxiety and stress: Massage lowers cortisol levels while releasing dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that stabilize mood, help you get better sleep, and increase your sense of well-being.
  • Pain relief: Several studies show that consistent use of a massage chair decreases pain in problem areas, especially in lower back pain. 
  • Improve flexibility: Massage increases blood circulation and releases tension and knots in muscles, improving flexibility and mobility in users.
  • Workout recovery: When applied correctly, massage therapy can reduce muscle soreness after intense cardio or weight training.
  • Boosts mood: Massage therapy releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and other chemicals that boost mood in the short term and relieve anxiety over time.  

The best full-body massage chairs are defined by their technology and feature variety. After reviewing all of the massage chairs in the market, we’ve narrowed our list of best full-body massage chairs to 11.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these BEST IN CLASS full body massage chairs:

OHCO M.8 LE – Best Full Body Massage Chair

This limited edition model is the pinnacle of luxury massage chairs. It’s the most sophisticated chair in the market, both in design and performance.

  • Technology: The M.8 LE is powered by OHCO’s Sens8 engine. This proprietary technology incorporates advanced algorithms to mimic the movements of a Shiatsu massage therapist. At the heart of any high-quality massage chair is the ability to recreate the experience of a professional massage, and the M.8 LE goes further to accomplish that than any chair available.   
  • Features: The OHCO M.8 LE uses strategically placed air cells to relax muscles in your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, fingers, neck and soldiers as part of its full-body air massage. 

Other full-body features include Total Body Heat, which are designated heat zones for your feet, palms, back, and seat. Each zone can be independently controlled to relax muscles in specific areas.

Finally, the M.8 LE’s Arms of Embrace brings 12 air cells and more than 479 million massage patterns to just your forearms, palms, and fingertips. The M.8 LE is the total package from head to toe, and its elegant design makes it a can’t miss for your home or office. 

OHCO M.8 – Best Full Body Massage Chairs

OHCO’s M.8 is the next best in line after its limited edition model. The M.8 shares many of the same full-body massage features with the M.8 LE and comes at a lower price.

  • Technology: The M.8 has the same Sens8 massage mechanism as the limited edition model. The Sens8 mechanism delivers information to the chair’s mechanical rollers in real-time based on your body’s needs. It then varies speeds and techniques, including tapping, kneading, rolling, and other basic massage movements. All of these intricate movements are designed to recreate the intuitive experience of Shiatsu master sensei Akira Okabayashi, who worked with OHCO engineers to fine-tune the mechanics of the M.8. 
  • Features: The M.8 also includes the full-body air massage, strategically placed air cells to relax muscles in your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, fingers, neck and soldiers.

Total Body Heat delivers heat therapy to four of the most common problem areas: feet, palms, back, and seat. Each zone can be independently controlled, so you can get the relief you need where you need it.

OHCO explores every possibility in its impressive line of massage chairs. The M.8 model also includes aromatherapy, light pool, and Bluetooth audio immersion features that make it more than just a full-body massage. It’s an all-out sensory experience.

Panasonic MAJ7 – Best Full Body Massage Chair

The MAJ7 is the premium massage chair model built by Panasonic, one of the world’s most trusted brands.  

  • Technology: The best massage chairs in the world use high-powered processors to guide their massage choreography, and the MAJ7 is no different. Its Real-time 6-Position and Force Micro Processor creates an information loop between your body and the chair’s massage rollers, guiding them where they are most needed. Not only will you receive treatment in the right areas, but the processor will also inform the rollers’ technique and intensity. The intricate movements of the MAJ7 make it one of the most lifelike massage experiences in the industry.  
  • Features: The MAJ7’s 3D massage system allows its massage rollers to move freely and get to hard-to-reach areas in the shoulders and back. 

Body scan technology uses pressure sensors to map the curve of your spine, allowing the chair to apply the appropriate massage technique, and the professional sole massage completes the full-body massage experience reflexology techniques that will leave you rejuvenated and clear of mind.

OHCO M.DX – Best Full Body Massage Chairs

The third chair in OHCO’s M Series, the M.DX delivers a full-body experience that is difficult to match. 

  • Technology: The Sens8 massage mechanism, as previously discussed in other OHCO models, is a highly intuitive technology that directs the massage choreography. It uses advanced algorithms to recreate a genuine massage experience, mimicking the hands of a live massage therapist. The mechanism was engineered with the guidance of a Shiatsu master, sensei Akira Okabayashi — a fascinating melding of science and intuition. 
  • Features: The full-body air massage is complemented by foot rollers and the Arms of Embrace, two features that show the extent to which the M.DX is dedicated to treating the entire body. 

Other features include Total Body Heat and zero-gravity position, which improves circulation and increases lung capacity. THe M.DX is one of the very best massage chairs in the industry and bolsters OHCO’s reputation as an elite brand in the industry.

OHCO R.6 – Best Full Body Massage Chairs

The final selection from OHCO, the R.6 model offers all of the luxury that we’re accustomed to experiencing from one of the best brands in the massage chair industry.

  • Technology: OHCO employs its proprietary technology, the Sens8 massage mechanism in the R.6 to guide the intricate massage choreography. Beyond the high processing power of this 4D engine, the R.6’s back autoscan assesses your body structure and selects the most impactful points of pressure for proper relief.
  • Features: R.6’s modern design features the L-Track system. This design technology works in concert with the back autoscan, aligning the movement of the Sens8-powered rollers with your specific body structure, allowing for greater coverage of your head, neck, shoulders, and seat. 

Total Body Heat and zero-gravity position features also contribute to the OHCO R.6’s high ranking for best full-body massage chairs. Total Body Heat delivers thermotherapy to four common problem areas of the body: feet, palms, back, and seat. Each zone can be independently controlled, so you can get the relief you need where you need it. With four of our top five selections, OHCO proves to be a true powerhouse in this category and others, including Best Zero-Gravity Chairs. 

D.Core Cirrus

D.Core’s line of massage chairs are focused on the art of rejuvenation, where modern technology meets ancient Japanese philosophy. The Cirrus is the beginning of that effort. 

  • Technology: D.Core stands for Deep Core, the advanced operating system that powers the Cirrus’ massage choreography. Its choreography is also influenced by the experience of renowned Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa. Together they produce an authentic Shiatsu massage experience that promises to improve your health and wellness.  
  • Features: The full-body air massage features a series of air cells located from head to toe, ensuring total relaxation throughout the massage experience. 

The Cirrus offers full coverage as evidenced by its patented Wave Arrays, oscillating mechanical rollers dedicated specifically to your forearms and calves — an industry first. 

Throw in the foot rollers, and you have a massage chair that leaves no part of your body untreated.

D.Core Stratus

Another of D.Core’s massage chairs makes our list, the Stratus offers advanced technology and a sophisticated design that completes the full-body experience.

  • Technology: At the heart of D.Core’s luxury massage chairs, including the Stratus model, is the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action Mechanism. This technology is powered by the Deep Core operating system and uses oscillating rollers to simulate the movements of a live massage therapist — all the way down to the finger and joint structures. The Stratus provides one of the most realistic massage experiences on the market. One of the best technological advancements we’ve seen in our research is D.Core’s Wave Arrays. Where many chairs only offer air units, the Stratus’ Wave Arrays are mechanical massage units solely devoted to treating your arms and legs.
  • Features: Other full-body features include full body air massage, air units that relax muscles from your head to your feet. 

The D.Core Stratus also delivers a heated back massage for increased attention and decreased pain at one of the most common problem areas. The Stratus is a wonderful option for those in need of relaxation but also a massage experience that can also go a little deeper. 

Panasonic MA73

Panasonic makes it two-for-two with its MA73 model. This massage chair’s feature variety and reliable, advanced Panasonic technology make it a standout.

  • Technology: The Panasonic MA73’s technology profile starts with its high-powered microprocessor. This intuitive technology chooses the style and intensity of your massage experience based on your body type and positioning. The processor then creates a customized experience for every user, giving you the relief your body needs. The experience starts with the MA73’s body scan technology, which uses pressure sensors to create a virtual map of your spine, allowing the mechanical rollers to accurately treat your upper and lower back.  
  • Features: Other full-body features include full-body air massage, dual-zone arm kneading, and ceramic foot heaters. The MA73 is a great choice for those who want the dependability and quality of a Panasonic at a lower price point than its sister chair, the MAJ7. 

Positive Posture Brio Sport

Positive Posture’s Brio Sport is specifically designed for workout recovery, making it a popular choice among athletes looking for the closest thing to a sports clinic in their home. 

  • Technology: The Brio Sport model is powered by Positive Posture’s Sport 4D Massage Mechanism. This is the technology that customizes your massage based on your preferences and needs. It offers a variety of massage choreographies and styles and promises to improve blood flow, work tired muscles, and promote lymphatic flow.  The accupressure point locator function is a body scan technology that measures your torso and body position to ensure that every massage is tailored to your specific measurements. 
  • Features: A full-body air massage provides a low-intensity experience that will relax your calves, thighs, arms, hands, and shoulders. 

Another full-body feature, zero-gravity position improves circulation and alleviates joint pressure. Other features include L-Track Design, Pinpoint Calf Massage, and heated rollers from head to toe.

Positive Posture Brio+

The Brio+ from Positive Posture packs plenty of punch at its price point, delivering a wide variety of features and high-end technology.

  • Technology: The Brio+ is equipped with Positive Posture’s premier massage technology, its Intelligent 4D Massage feature. This mechanism guides the chair’s refined massage choreography — tapping, kneading, and rolling your muscles and joints in a variety of patterns that treat areas many chairs can’t approach. Your massage starts with an automatic body scan, which accounts for your body structure and positioning before beginning your customized program.  
  • Features: The Positive Posture Brio+ addresses your entire body with its full-body air massage, which uses air compression to gently treat your shoulders, hips, arms, all the way to your fingertips.

Intelligent Touch Foot Rollers take it from there, gently massaging your feet without applying too much pressure to the most sensitive parts of your sole.

L-Track esign and zero-gravity position make the Brio+ model a true full-body experience that’s devoted not only to relaxation, but also ensuring your body is operating at full capacity.

D.Core Cloud

The D.Core Cloud finishes off our list with its quality engineering and traditional Japanese design.

  • Technology: The Cloud employs a 3D Massage Mechanism to drive its mechanical rollers, providing an authentic Shiatsu experience derived from the experience and knowledge of Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa.
  • Features: The full-body air massage is sure to inspire relaxation from head to toe, while the L-Track design allows the 3D Massage Mechanism to function with accuracy and impact from your neck through your hamstrings. The Cloud comes at a lower cost than many of the chairs it shares this list with, but its features package and aesthetic beauty make it a worthy full-body massage chair.

Some massage chairs take the full-body experience more seriously than others. If you’re in search of the best full body massage chairs that will treat your neck and back with as much care as your hamstrings and feet, these chairs get the entire job done. Start improving your health and wellness today with any of these 11 best full body massage chairs.