Massage and Migraines

Massage chairs and migraines

If you suffer from chronic migraines, then you have most likely sought out the proper treatment or medication for your condition. However, did you know that massage can be beneficial when it comes to treating migraine headaches? At The World’s Best Massage Chair (WBMC), we want our customers to find the best chair for their needs, whether that’s somewhere to relax after a workout or a way to relieve pain brought on by a migraine.

How Does Massage Help?

If you’ve been taking over-the-counter medications for your migraines, or you’ve undergoing preventative care to treat your chronic headaches, then you may be looking for a way to treat your pain that’s not some time intensive or expensive. With a massage chair, you can find the relief you need without having to go to your doctor’s office or the pharmacy quite as often. Of course, it’s always a good idea to speak with your medical provider before starting any type of treatment, even if it’s massage therapy.
There are several ways that massage can help with migraines, including:
Improved Circulation: As we’ve noted before, massage can improve circulation, which in turn promotes better blood flow and pushes more oxygen throughout the body. This can help reduce and relieve pain, and make your migraines melt away much faster.
Relieving Muscle Pain: If you have tension in your neck or shoulders, this can exacerbate the pain that is brought on by a migraine headache. By massaging those bands of tissue attached to and near the base of the skull, your pain could be reduced or hopefully lessened in the back of your head or behind your eyes.
Hormone Changes: If your migraines are a result of hormone changes, such as an increase in cortisol, massage can help bring those hormones back to a manageable level. Massage can also increase endorphin production, which can reduce pain levels and help you feel more at ease.

Muscle Tension and Vascular Headaches

If you don’t suffer from “true” migraines, but you do experience muscle tension or vascular headaches, massage can be beneficial for you as well. Many people who suffer from these conditions think they have a migraine, but closer examination shows that muscle tension or vascular swelling in the head and face are to blame.
With a muscle tension headache, the muscles in the head and face tighten, causing pain. The person feels pain in the forehead, at their temples, or at the base of the skull. Proper massage can help with this tension and cause the pain to subside.

A vascular headache occurs when the blood vessels in the head and neck swell and constrict. This causes the “pounding” headache that many people describe, and if a person is required to move a lot during the day, this pounding often only gets worse. A vascular headache can be described as a migraine, and a person may experience sensitivity to light or nausea when he or she moves. Sitting in a luxury massage chair and closing your eyes can help relieve pain and keeps you from moving.
If you suffer from migraines or other issues that affect your head or neck, then a chair from our online store might be the perfect solution. After speaking with your doctor about the benefits of massage therapy and the impact it can have on your headaches, you may decide that putting a chair in your home or office makes the most sense. At WBMC, we’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best option.