Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Massage has been around for thousands of years. In fact, the word massage is derived from the Greek word meaning “to work with the hands as in kneading dough.”

With the advancements of modern medicine, the medical community today relies far less on massage as healing therapy and instead use technology – drugs, surgery, etc. – to address adverse conditions.

Despite this, almost 25 million Americans decide to visit massage practitioners roughly 60 million times a year.


Most people that use massage say they feel better, but are they actually deriving health benefits? It’s an interesting question for people that are curious about how massage can help them combat the stresses of daily life.
The incorporation of massage into hospital settings took place over 150 years ago.

It was then relegated out of hospitals until the 1970’s, and now has again made a very important reintroduction into the world of healthcare.

But why?

The reason is that there is no question about the positive effects that massage has on patients that need to improve their: mobility, circulation, stress relief and relaxation.

hose positive somatic effects are obvious, but the psychological effects are just as significant. Believing in something and enjoying the effects of those specific “things” releases endorphins in the brain that literally change the chemistry in a human body.

Bottom line is, positive therapeutic results come in many forms and the positive mental effects derived from massage cannot be denied.

Massage chairs provide those psychosomatic measures for almost everyone that gets into the chairs. People feel more relaxed, more rested, they move better, they get relief from those painful and nagging areas, their circulation is improved and their overall mental attitude is visibly improved.

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