The Benefits of Massage on Your Skin

Benefits of Massage on Your Skin

When we think of massage, we often think about how it benefits our muscles and joints, which are of course found beneath the skin. While the advantages of massage are often internal, there can be some external rewards as well. Since the hands of the massage therapist or the rolling motors in your luxury massage chair are kneading and pressing your muscles through your skin, your skin can reap some benefits while your chronic pain is treated or your stress is soothed away. At World’s Best Massage Chairs (WBMC), we’re here to help you discover the many benefits of massage!

Improved Elasticity

We all know that our skin can be stretched, and when it’s massaged, your epidermis can improve its elasticity, which can lead to it looking younger and appearing more healthy and vibrant. This can lead to you feeling better about your skin, which in turn can improve your mood and your confidence!

Remove Dead Skin Cells

Your skin regenerates itself about once every 27 days, and those dead skin cells are often removed through bathing or showering. You may also receive dermatological treatment to get rid of those dead cells, but did you know that massage can also help in this area? By pushing and pulling the skin, those cells are removed and any dull spots can look vibrant and new.

Improve Its Appearance

If you have scars from surgery or an accident that you suffered when you were younger, massage can help improve your skin’s appearance in any affected area. As your chair works on breaking up the scar tissue underneath your skin, the scars on the surface can be made less visible. Instead of feeling self-conscious about a mark on your leg or arm, you can feel confident that your scars are less apparent to others.

Better Skin Health

As your chair massages your muscles, it improves circulation throughout your body. Since your skin covers your entire body, this increased blood flow brings more oxygen and more nutrients to your epidermis. Many types of internal conditions can show themselves on the skin, and if you’re more prone to bruising because of a certain ailment, massage can help your skin appear healthier and more supple. Your skin cells receive more nutrition, which helps them regenerate when and how they’re supposed to!

If you’re interested in adding a massage chair to your home so that you can enjoy both the internal and external benefits, look through our online catalog today. At WBMC, we love helping our customers find the perfect chair, and we will gladly answer any questions you have about a certain model or how regular massage will improve your health. There’s nothing we love more than hearing from a satisfied customer and learning how his or her life has become better since the chair arrived.

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