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Tis The Season for Tension Headaches


Do tension headaches have a season? Maybe not. But tension runs especially high at some times of year, creating headaches. And a trip to your massage chair can help! Why Now? Every day at this time of year, most of us are multitasking. Yes, “the holidays” are multiple and demanding. We may be shopping. We… read more

Massage Eases Discomfort of Seasonal Allergies Year-Round


Massage Eases Discomfort of Seasonal Allergies Year-Round Usually, we think of spring as allergy season. Yes, all the blooming plants and their release of pollen are the cause of much misery. But truly, there isn’t a single allergy season. And as winter approaches, the irritants come from other sources. And your massage chair is a… read more

Losing Sleep Over Your Insomnia? Try a Massage Chair

Insomnia and massage chairs

The prevalence of insomnia— trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep—is staggering. More than 30 percent of American adults suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia, and 10 percent of Americans experience chronic insomnia. In the latter case—chronic insomnia is poor sleep every night or most nights for more than six months—the seemingly endless cycle can… read more

Massage for the Elderly

better emotional health

No matter who you are, or what your age, massage feels great. Perhaps like no other profession, massage therapy provides benefits to a wide range of people. Of course, there are contraindications that need to be monitored, but generally speaking, young and old, healthy and ailing—most everyone gains from regular massage therapy sessions. Use our… read more

How often should you use a massage chair?


Are you someone who gets regular massage? Perhaps between 2-4 times per month? If so you likely have a good reason physically, whether related to an persistent injury, chronic muscle pain, joint or tendon soreness, or maybe your work involves physical exertion that leaves you sore and needing the therapeutic treatment of massage. Or perhaps… read more

Massage Chair Body Scanning. How Does It Work?

massage chair body scanning

Just about all full body massage chairs claim to have some form of body scanning. If you have read any other articles on body scanning they tell you why it exists which should be obvious. But they don’t tell you how it works because, well, they don’t know. As someone who has been in the… read more

Can Children and Teens with ADHD Benefit from Massage Chairs?

Massage Benefits for ADHD Imagine lying in your massage chair. As your chair sets to work, you feel your body relax. Your muscles soften, your nervous system calms. Now, imagine how you feel when the massage is over–relaxed, alert, calm, and content. Anyone who has experienced a massage understands the many benefits that it offers.… read more

Massage Chairs and Migraines

Massage chairs and migraines

Massage and Migraines Any kind of pain can be debilitating, and for people who suffer from migraine headaches, pain can disrupt both their personal and professional lives. Whether migraine occurs infrequently or on a regular basis, finding dependable relief is a top priority. What Relief Can Look Like Migraine is a complex condition that can… read more

Frequent Massage Is Best For “Text Neck”

text neck pain

UCS or upper crossed syndrome sounds obscure, but we see it every day. First dubbed “Text Neck” by Dr. Dean Fisher in 2008, the condition is seen by many as a scourge of 21st century technology. Fishman coined the term when a mother brought in her 17-year-old daughter who was complaining of headaches and neck… read more

PMS? Massage to The Rescue


PMS is common medical complaint, a chronic problem estimated to affect up to 80% of women. No one definitive cause of PMS has been identified, but several factors are known to influence symptoms. These include diet, genetics, hormone fluctuation, and that common culprit, stress. Because PMS gives rise to both physical and psychological symptoms, stressful events… read more

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