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Massage Chairs for Dentists—and For You

massage chairs for dentists

What could massage chairs have to do with dentistry? Odds are, you’re not a dentist. But odds are you know a dentist, that you visit one at least once a year. So listen. Dentists spend hours bending over their patients, looking at their teeth and gums. They spend considerable time each day reviewing x-rays, examining… read more

Massage for the Elderly

better emotional health

No matter who you are, or what your age, massage feels great. Perhaps like no other profession, massage therapy provides benefits to a wide range of people. Of course, there are contraindications that need to be monitored, but generally speaking, young and old, healthy and ailing—most everyone gains from regular massage therapy sessions. Use our… read more

Massage Away Anxiety

Massage Away Anxiety

Massage Away Anxiety! Anxiety varies in intensity and duration for different people and can be debilitating for anyone. While chronic, intense or prolonged periods of anxiety should always be referred to a health care professional, those of us who suffer from occasional bouts of worry and stress can find relief in massage. Massage chairs, for… read more

How often should you use a massage chair?


Are you someone who gets regular massage? Perhaps between 2-4 times per month? If so you likely have a good reason physically, whether related to an persistent injury, chronic muscle pain, joint or tendon soreness, or maybe your work involves physical exertion that leaves you sore and needing the therapeutic treatment of massage. Or perhaps… read more

Massage Chairs and Chronic Pain

massage chairs help chronic pain

Can Massage Help with Chronic Pain? Talk to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and before very long, the subject turns to anxiety. They may say things like, “It’s worst when I’m stressed out,” or “I hold my stress in my neck and shoulders,” or “Stress always shows up in my lower back.” The reality… read more

Massage Chairs vs. Insomnia

massage chairs and insomnia

More than 30 percent of American adults suffer from occasional insomnia—defined not only as difficulty falling asleep, but also as trouble staying asleep— and 10 percent of Americans experience insomnia as a chronic condition. Why is losing a little sleep so bad? For one thing, lingering symptoms of sleep loss can be debilitating. Fatigue, difficulty… read more

A Touch of Care: Massage for Menopausal Women

massage and menopause

Menopause brings about physiological, psychological and social changes that can weigh heavily on a woman’s health—mind, body and soul. Studies show that the vast majority of women going through this experience some kind of clinical symptom and in 40% of those cases, their symptoms are intense enough for the patient to seek medical assistance. These… read more

How can massage chairs help Alzheimer’s patients?


Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain, causing memory problems and eventually severe problems with mental function. It gets worse in stages, and people with Alzheimer’s have gradual memory loss as well as loss of judgment, trouble concentrating, loss of language skills, personality changes, and a decline in the ability to learn new tasks. In advanced stages,… read more

Three Common Causes of Back Pain

chronic lower back pain

As you’re going through your day, you take precautions to prevent yourself from being injured. Your wear your seat belt or your bike helmet, and you make sure to look both ways before crossing the street. However, even though you’re protecting yourself against major injury, small things like incorrect posture or wearing the wrong shoes… read more

Giving a Chair as a Retirement Gift

In our last blog, we spoke about finding a luxury massage chair for your retirement and how it could benefit you during your golden years. However, what if you’re not the one who is retiring? If you have a parent, grandparent, or friend who is retiring and you want to get them a very special… read more

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