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Return Policy

We offer a 60-day RISK FREE in-home trial that allows you to purchase the chair of your choice, have it delivered to your home and experience it risk free!! Details of our 60-day risk free trial are here.


  • Contact WBMC immediately upon finding any delivery damage to your massage chair. The sooner we know what the exact problem is the faster and better we can resolve the issue for you. If you contact us while the delivery team is still there, that is the best possible scenario. Please inspect the item thoroughly before the delivery team leaves.
  • Most cosmetic issues can be resolved in your home through the manufacturer’s service department. We have outstanding relationships with the manufacturers we curate here at WBMC and we can help ensure your issue is resolved promptly and without any worry. This is the best option to handle cosmetic issues so that you can continue to use your chair in your home and have cosmetic repairs done at no-charge to you and without the hassle of redelivery and removal.
  • In the worst case scenario where a chair is damaged beyond repair, we will arrange for a new chair to be delivered and installed and the damaged chair removed. It is very important that you let us know immediately upon discovery so we can help determine if the damage you are reporting is something that can be repaired in-home or if will you need redelivery of a new chair.
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