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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

zero gravity massage chair

You may have heard that Zero-Gravity in a massage chair was inspired by NASA, nope. Or it’s the position that Astronauts sit in before take-off, again no. Or that if you are laying completely flat that is Zero-G, no again. Quite simply, Zero-G is the natural position the body takes when in a micro gravity… read more

Reflexology and Foot Massage

Reflexology and foot massage

Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage, and involves applying pressure to the soft tissues of soles and top of the foot. Foot massage can take many forms, but the most widely renowned is an ancient Chinese practice that is performed according to what are called Chi Energy points. Also known as Reflexology, this… read more

Massage Chairs For Athletes

massage chairs for athletes

Massage for Athletes Being an athlete might presuppose that you take good care of yourself, and that your conditioned muscles are accustomed to frequent exercise. You don’t get sore. You don’t need a massage chair. Right? Wrong! First, no two workouts, games, rides, are exactly the same. In some instances, terrain or weather may make… read more

What is Acupressure in a Massage Chair

Massage chairs and acupressure

We’ll start with how this massage style is delivered in the typical chair. Acupressure in a massage chair is performed in one of two ways. The first is via airbags located throughout the massage chair (backrest, hips, shoulder, arms, legs, and feet). Think of the last time you had your blood pressure tested, and you… read more

Workplace Massage Chairs Deliver Big Benefits

Massage chairs in the workplace

Increasingly we are seeing companies buy workplace massage chairs for their employees to utilize. Not only are massage chairs a fantastic company perk, they are an investment to help reduce the costs associated with workplace stress. Long hours, seemingly impossible demands, and uncertain job security can take their toll on employees’ mental and physical well-being.… read more

Can Children and Teens with ADHD Benefit from Massage Chairs?

Massage Benefits for ADHD Imagine lying in your massage chair. As your chair sets to work, you feel your body relax. Your muscles soften, your nervous system calms. Now, imagine how you feel when the massage is over–relaxed, alert, calm, and content. Anyone who has experienced a massage understands the many benefits that it offers.… read more

What Can Break in a Massage Chair

massage chair medic

And when will it typically happen when it does? Massage Chairs are complex machines with lots of moving parts and advanced computer components, so things can go wrong. But it’s not much different from a car, it depends on how you use it and how you take care of it that will determine how long… read more

The Mental Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Mental Benefits of Massage Chairs

You may not realize that massage chairs deliver as many mental benefits as physical. Perhaps you are in the market for a massage chair. Maybe you’ve seen them at Costco special events, or you passed by those massage chairs rentals at the mall or airport. Wherever you saw them, maybe you were intrigued by the… read more

2D-3D-4D massage chairs whats the difference


If you are buying a massage chair and have done a little research, or if perhaps you already own a massage chair and are looking to upgrade, you’ve likely seen various mentions of the “D’s”. This article will help you understand what they mean when manufacturers refer to 2D, 3D and 4D massage chairs. Since… read more

Massage for Frozen Shoulder and Torn Rotator Cuff

frozen shoulder

Can Massage Help Thaw Frozen Shoulder? If you or a friend have ever experienced “adhesive capsulitis,” better known as frozen shoulder, you know just how painful and frustrating the condition can be. Physicians prescribe an array of treatments, but generally advise their patients that the condition is mysterious, perhaps brought on by hormonal factors or… read more

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